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Thread: Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress

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    Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress

    Hello to everyone. I've been suffering from anxiety and work-related stress officially for the last 4 months or so, and have tonight plucked up the courage to look for somewhere to discuss my problems, and hopefully relate to other people. I finally decided to face my problems after months of crying at my desk everyday, biting peoples' heads off and coming home every night feeling like a worn out dishrag. Thankfully, I recognised that things had gone far enough, as I have suffered from depression in the past.
    I was prescribed Citralopram from the start, and my dosage has gradually increased from 10mg to 30. I also take propranolol, I have done for 14 years for my 'nerves', and this dosage has now been increased.
    I eventually got in touch with my union when I'd had enough of how I was being treated in work, and am currently waiting for a date for a grievance hearing. My union thinks I will have a case to take to a tribunal under the 'whistleblowers act'.
    I was referred for counselling two weeks ago, but have found out there is a six month waiting list even for the initial assessment.
    It is lovely to find that there is a lot of support out there, and even though you know it to be the case, it is so reassuring to find I'm not the only one. I've already read a couple of interesting articles on here and am looking forward to becoming a regular. You'll all be sick of the sight of me after a couple of weeks!

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    Hi Angie_

    A huge warm welcome to nmp.

    You'll get loads of advice and support here and make some lovely friends along the way.

    Best wishes

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    Re: Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress


    Welcome to the site. You'll find lots of people here who understand what you're going through.

    I'm sorry to hear about your work stress. It sounds good that you've finally got away from it. But recovering from something like that takes time. Is that NHS counselling you've been referred to? Have you tried contacting the charity Mind in your area? They provide counselling and there may be a shorter wait.
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    Re: Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress

    Hi Unspoken, and thanks.
    Yes, the 6 month waiting list for counselling is with the NHS - there's an 8-10 month wait to see a CBT therapist.
    I haven't thought of trying Mind, thank you for the advice.
    My GP did give me a contact number for Women Supporting Women, who I think may have a few branches. They have a couple of drop-in clinics a week, and apparently there is a much shorter waiting list for counselling with them. Has anyone else heard of these, or given them a go?

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    Re: Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress

    So sorry to hear that yopur job is getting you to the point of anxiety and stress.
    I know its not easy to do this but do you ever have thoughts on changing your job or trying something different? How long have you worked there?

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    Re: Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress

    Hello there

    Welcome to NMP! theres lots of helpful information here.

    Its really good to have you with us!

    You will have lots of love and support here!! welcome.

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    Re: Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress

    Hey Ange.

    Welcome to NMP, This is the perfect site to, let out all that stress from work. i know what your going through been there and got the t-shirt of a hellish job. This site helped, not just because of the knowledge and the venting, but because here there are people who dont judge, who dont prejudice just support and bring a smile to the day.

    good luck with everything


    p.s not too much though, be HAPPY

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    Re: Hello! Anxiety/work-related stress

    Thanks everyone for your lovely posts. I'm enjoying browsing at the moment, and have just braved the chat room for a few minutes! My grievance hearing at work has been set for next week, and I'm working hard at the moment to stop the panic
    I'm trying to be positive, and just get a bit angry about everything, but I am terrified that I will be crying (probably around the 5 minute mark) at the meeting. I despise myself for doing it, and hate that they will probably think I'm just going for the sympathy vote. I know I have a fair bit to be angry about, but I feel worthless enough without my managers trying to put me down. Part of me regrets taking things so far, and not just upping and leaving for any other job.

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