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Thread: Goodnight kazzie

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    that was a lovely poem...
    r.i.p. kaz...
    you are a special lady

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    Beautifull poem, I know kaz would be honoured if she could read it.

    Sleep well Kaz, our loss is heavens gain. xxxx

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    Wot a lovely poem

    rest in peace kazzie

    love mandie xxx

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    I agree a lovely poem and an angel on earth and in heaven. My thoughts and prayers for her family.



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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    beautiful words mags ,
    sweet dreams kazzie, may all of them be beautiful like u, na nights xx
    hope ur family finds comfort in all these lovely messages xxxxx
    lotsa love fae mo xxx

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    Lovely Poem Nic,

    Worded Perfectly,

    No More Pain or Suffering

    Peacefully Sleeping with the Angels,

    Night & God Bless xxx

    Luv Dee
    If you can't see the bright side of life, Polish the dull side.

    Dee xx

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    dear kazz, i never got to know you,or even speak to you but ive heard so much on how you helped so many of us,i know you aint here but you will always live in our hearts,and you will still tell us to keep are cool and look after our selfs and be happy,sleep well,emmalouise xx

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    such lovley words, sadly i have none, as i dont know wot to say , apart from rest in peace, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Current meds,
    duloxetine 60mg am/ pm , cut out night time one,, see how it goes,
    seroquel 200mg xr pm ------ weaned down to 150mg-------now 100mg------ 50mg---------NONE-----back on 50mg

    diaizpam 5mg, as needed.

    come on panic attack do your worse,, you can knock me down,, BUT I WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN.

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    I've not been on here for a wee while and although ive not really spoken to Kazzie a was such a shock to hear that she has passed away. My thoughts are with her husband and family at this difficult time and you are all in my prayers. Sleep well Kazzie xxx
    '' I am an optimist, but I'm an optimist who carries a raincoat. '' Harold Wilson

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    Re: Goodnight kazzie

    RIP Kazzie
    Not Everything in Black and White Makes Sense!

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