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Thread: scotland

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    Re: scotland

    Hi all

    I'm in Aberdeen, Scotland. Anyone close?
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    Re: scotland

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    Re: scotland

    I'm from Glenrothes in Fife. Anyone near me? :-)

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    Re: scotland

    Hi im new and from scottish borders. Would like to know when the next meet is cheers.

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    Re: scotland

    Hey, iv noticed a few people near to me aswell, Im in Aberdeen.

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    Re: scotland

    Hey guys, I'm based in Aberdeen and am keen to keep in touch with fellow sufferers. How do I find out about the face book site.

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    Re: scotland

    message me or colin with your name and email and we'll befriend you on fb and add you

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    Re: scotland

    Hi I am just new here and from Scotland. Currently just outside Edinburgh in Midlothian. Struggling alot right now as husband left me on Saturday and I have no one else at all due to my anxiety disorders and depressive illness.

    Would be interested in the Facebook group.

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    Re: scotland

    just outside Glasgow so if any meet ups would be interested in coming along

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    Re: scotland

    for anybody interested in the facebook group, its a secret group so if you post anything your friends wont find out about your anxiety issues. we've got our next meetup planned for the end of the month in glasgow so if your interested in going or joining generally then message me or colin from a page back with your email and name and we'll do the deed to get you in the group

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