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Thread: scotland

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    Re: scotland

    lol no the place very well! wow this is a small world, i was down there the other month have a friend that lives in Bainsford!

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    Re: scotland

    It really is amazing how you can meet people online that are really quite close to you!!!!! We're needing to have a scottish meet soon so we can all get together and chat xx
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    Re: scotland

    Yes Im from Perth

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    Re: scotland

    Maybe some forward planning could get something NMP we Scots can organise and have a laff as much as anywhere else.


    Event Type?

    From all those who have responded to this post, who would seriously be interested in meeting up?
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    Re: scotland

    i would love to meet up! my only concern is how on earth do you get an agraphobic on a train to meet every one? now if it was in perthshire then i would defo be there.

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    Re: scotland

    Im in Falkland, bout 26 miles from Perth .

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    Re: scotland

    Hi, some of you are so close to me, Im from Glasgow. Did you's ever have a meet up? x

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    Re: scotland

    hey guys am nicola from glasgow would be good to get to know the scottish people who come on here

    if you like to chat more then give me a buzz

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    Re: scotland

    I'm from Fife but currently in the Durham area - will be moving back up to Scotland for a few weeks in a week's time before relocating to Yorkshire for a year - all this moving about!

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    Re: scotland

    hey welcome back to scotland am nicola nice to meet u x

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