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Thread: Kazzie's Funeral Arrangements

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    Exclamation Kazzie's Funeral Arrangements

    UPDATED: 15:40 10 February 2010

    This special announcement is to save people scrolling through the original thread. It also contains additional information regarding where floral tributes can be sent, and the location of the wake.

    Friday 12th February at 2pm (14:00)
    St. Mary Extra Chapel
    Portsmouth Road

    For those requiring a complete postcode for you sat nav, I'm afraid I've been unable to locate it. Though I suspect, due to the size of the cemetery, SO19 is all that is generally used. Additional, Roger describes it as being, "Opposite the shops".

    Enlisting GoogleMaps, I've uploaded several annotated maps and images, which I hope will be of help. The Street View images are as far they will go.

    View them individually, or download them all in one zip file here.

    But again, due to the size of the plot, I don't imagine any of us shall miss it, plus we will all doubtless be in contact by text and phone. We mustn't forget to switch them off upon entering the Chapel though!

    Flowers may be sent to the following.

    B. Matthews Funeral Directors
    146 Portsmouth Road
    SO19 9AP

    Tel. 02380 447965

    The wake is to be held a favourite local of both Kazzie and Roger's, the Manor House.

    The Manor House
    Old Netley House
    Portsmouth Road
    SO31 8BT

    Tel. 023 8040 2786

    Additional information:
    Telephone number and link for Southampton Bereavement Services, who might be able to assist you with directions should you need further help.

    Tel. 023 8022 8609
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    Re: Kazzie's Funeral Arrangements

    Just want to shaddow what Bev said. Thank you very much for your help with the details. It's very much appreciated.

    Take care
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    Re: Kazzie's Funeral Arrangements

    Thanks Gary. Look forward to meeting you, Rach and Nikk on Friday. Sorry it is under these circumstances though.

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    Re: Kazzie's Funeral Arrangements

    thats is good gary.
    thank you

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