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Thread: Reassuarance pleeeease!!

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    Reassuarance pleeeease!!

    Hello all!

    I've been in a constant anxious state now for about 15 months, always had head problems as a symptom and recently symptoms have been expanding to other parts of my body which must indicate that I'm getting worse. I am able to continue with work and normal life but I'm always plagued with headaches, pressure, tension ec which makes me feel very down as I have a great life. I've just started CBT and I'm really praying this works!!

    Anyway I just wanted to ask if there was anyone out there who has been in a constant state of anxiety for such a long period of time and are you ok? Are you still alive? I'm just convinced this 24/7 stress is going to kill me.

    Many Thanks!! xxx

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    Re: Reassuarance pleeeease!!

    I have had continuous anxiety for 3 years. I've never taken medication or had any therapy for it thought.. I don't want the meds and the waiting list for therapy is so long.
    I am still able to lead a normal life. I still work full time and go out at the weekends. Althought sometimes I really don't feel like going out, and at times I have to really force myself.
    CBT is meant to work well so hopefully it will work well for you. - Good luck x

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    Re: Reassuarance pleeeease!!

    Are you still alive? I'm just convinced this 24/7 stress is going to kill me.
    HI ! Yep, I spent almost 2 years being incredibly anxious and infact mentally unwell, (this was over 10 year ago now) and I am fit and well now. Infact I have had nothing physically wrong with me in a decade, bar a few colds and one case of cystitis. People don't die of anxiety ! Period. The great thing about this condition, is that you can make a full recovery and have no lasting effects.

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    Re: Reassuarance pleeeease!!

    Ta very much, I needed that!!! xxx

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    Re: Reassuarance pleeeease!!

    symptoms have been expanding to other parts of my body which must indicate that I'm getting worse......NO....I've copied the following from your other post to explain why......

    This is how all my anxiety started about 7 years ago when I was 18, after looking in my mam's heakth dictionary I became very aware of my head and would get a pain instantly just thinking about it, this terrified me coz I thought I would cause myself a stroke or something but the more I tried not to think about it and not do it the more it happened. Luckily it went away after 4 weeks but came back randomly 15 months ago and I'm still suffering now unfortunatley. A lot of my anxiety is brought on by trying to stop letting pains etc go to my head which actually causes me more headaches in the long run. I've literally had a headche every day for the past 15 months, I feel very cranky now as you can probably imagine!!!!

    You read something that created a fear which then made you ook for symptoms. This fear triggered anxious feelings which causes stress and tension. Stress causes the body to feel weak, tingly etc etc etc and tension causes headaches.

    If also you're feeling under a lot of stress at work, the is stress will also make you focus on your health anxiety.

    What you need to do is keep reminding yourself ALL these symptoms are just being created by anxiety and also find Enjoyable things to stop you keep focusing on your head and body. Once you stop "thinking" about your fear, your mind and your body and start concentrating on things "around" you, the anxious feelings WILL stop.

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