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    I know this may sound nuts, but does anyone find songs getting stuck in their heads with their OCD? I know this can happen to everyone whether you have OCD or not but sometimes its really bad with me! Usually its alright in the daytime, but at night when I am trying to sleep I will have a song literally on repeat in my head and it drives me nuts! I sometimes feel like I am going insane or something! Ocassionally I have had words get stuck in my head also and I end up feeling anxious as if this thought is just going to go on forever, but obviously never does!

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    Hi Charlotte,

    I also have this and I am ok during the day as well, it gets really bad sometimes when I go to bed. I just don't seem to able to shake off a certain song. I know how disturbing it can be, but try not to feel anxious about it, than it goes away faster. Sometimes I just sing along with it an try to enjoy the "concert" in my head instead of panicking, it seems to be helpful.

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    Hi Charlotte,
    My problem is songs but also kids bloody tv tunes. Lastest one is Dinosaur King, cant get it out of my head. Trying to go to sleep 'dinosaur king is what you want to beee' waking up 2/3 in morning it continues, get up down stairs and its on the TV.
    another thing that I do is when a particulaer song is on the radio, ill be yeah! going to me a good day, or another one Oh no somethings going to happen today! Glad to know its not just me though lol! never connected it to OCD.
    I also experience the songs going faster and faster in my head thats when I hate it, feels like my heads going to explode.
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