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Thread: does anyone have high bp?

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    does anyone have high bp?

    most of the time when i go docs my bp is high! they havnt diagnosed me with it as such. so im still not sure! if anyone on here does have it, whats your syptoms? as it may help me! x

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    Re: does anyone have high bp?

    Do you know your numbers ? You could just have white coat syndrome were your BP goes high just because you are at the docs.

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    Re: does anyone have high bp?

    yeah it can vary, but its usally round 145/100 but at its lowest recently its been 120/80. so really dunno what to make of it

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    Re: does anyone have high bp?

    My sister has high blood pressure which she is currently being investigated for. She's 28 and had absolutely no symptoms at all but her blood pressure was regularly high. She was sent for an ultrasound for period problems and they found a narrowing in her uretha (tube coming from the kidneys). She's now had a stent in, went to get it took out last week and they put it back in as it's still narrow. They are now doing a CT scan in a couple of weeks.

    The Dr's all think this could be down to her high blood pressure. They've put her on tablets (a water tablet in the morning and a high bp one in the evening) and that has bought it down but still doing investigations to see why it's high.

    They thought it could be white coat syndrome where your blood pressure is only high if you are seeing a Dr etc but they did a 24 hour monitoring of it and it was still high even sitting at home or at work.

    Most people don't have symptoms and it only gets found out when it's being checked for something else.

    My sisters was once something over 140 so very high.

    Try buying a blood pressure monitor and test it at home, you can get one for 10 in Lloyds Pharmacy at the mo

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    Re: does anyone have high bp?

    yeah i have one, tend not to use it though as it just makes me panic when i find its up! i get alot of water infections that dont seem to clear up, they did a blood test on my kidneys which was find. so i dunno!

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    Re: does anyone have high bp?

    I have slightly high BP and am on 5mg of Amlodopine for it,i have no symptoms at all but i do have a heart complaint so this made me panic cos i started thinking what if it's this that is causing it but the nurse who checks it for me when i need my pill feels sure it is just white coat syndrome as it's only slightly high and if she checks it when i've been sat talking to her for a while it goes down...She even said if it was left to her she'd take me off the meds..But i still worry lol x x x

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