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    Hi all!

    I want to share some stuff with you, in hopes you can help! When my son was 3 he said "mum, it won't go down"...he stopped eating for 9 months & couldn't swallow his own spit. Doctors were puzzled, did several scopes, had him on i.v.s, gerd meds & propulsid(now banned as caused deaths!)? He'd survive the next 5 years on ensure when he could, & i.v.s when he couldn't. He was lucky to eat 3 months a year for those 5 years.

    In the meantime, we spent literally thousands of dollars seeking alternative treatments, as the doctors seemed to be clueless? All was money down the drain...but you do anything to help your child right?

    I finally was led to The Steel Health Centre, where I believe Larry Steel saved my sons life, literally! At the time we met Larry, my son hadn't eaten in 5 months & was just released from hospital & 2 scopes a week apart. I force fed my son a teaspoon of water that morning. After ONE treatment with Larry, my son said "mumma, my throat feels as big as my neck, can I have some chocolate milk?" WOW!!! Later on that day he had soup! Then yogurt!

    Anyway, we continued seeing Larry for about 2 years (til he was cured) & from that very first day my son has been able to eat ever since! It's been 8 years since we saw Larry, my son is now 16.

    Two weeks ago, out of the blue, my son says he feels like he has a lump in his throat & it's hard to swallow? Oh no! ???

    My first instinct is Larry. My son convinces me to take him to the clinic, where they gave him nasal spray & reactin???!!! Idiots! Sorry! I immediately made arrangements to go to the Steel Health Centre for March break, it's 3 1/2 hours away from here.

    This next part sounds odd, but 2 of my other kids & I have a different doctor. I brought my daughter to the doctor tonight & mentioned my son's condition & history. In an instant he came up with Globus Hystericus. Could it be? For the first time EVER...this makes sense, I think? For 5 years, nobody, specialists included, & there were many, ever said those words. I myself just heard them tonight.

    Do you think? Is this what my son could have? Anything you could tell me would be so greatly appreciated, you have no idea!

    I'm sorry for the long post, I'm just scared. For 5 years our lives were turned upside down, we almost lost everything as of course the childrens hospital was out of town & we'd have to reside there more on than off for 5 years! EXPENSIVE NIGHTMARE!!!

    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide us with. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

    Take good care.

    All the best to you!

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    Hi redwing

    A huge warm welcome to nmp.

    You'll get loads of advice and support here and make some lovely friends along the way.

    Best wishes

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    Re: Wow!

    Hi and welcome to the site.
    Check out the help pages on the left of the screen.
    Here is a link to some info on Globus Hystericus. It's about half way down the page.

    Also if you put keywords into the search box such as Globus Hystericus, stuck throat, swallowing, anything like that it will bring up loads of posts.

    There is also a section of the site that is just for throat issues. That can be found here...

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    Re: Wow!

    Hi again!

    Thankyou for your welcomes & responses!

    Sandy, I'm on the way to the links you've given me. Thanks!

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