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Thread: Best Books?

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    Best Books?

    Hello again everyone,
    Its been suggested to me in a few posts to check out books by claire weekes, i had a quick look online and see that there are a few available. Could anyone reccomend which would be most beneficial for my HA



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    Re: Best Books?

    Hi Linda, I've had a few of Claire Weekes books and they are all pretty good. I too suffer with HA and the ones I have at home at the moment are: Peace from Nervous Suffering, Self-Help for your Nerves and Essential Help for your Nerves. The Peace from Nervous Suffering I have read the most along with Self Help for your Nerves. Another one that I found suggested on NMP is When Panic Attacks by Dr Aine Tubridy, and you also get a CD with the book which I find very relaxing.

    A friend at work also gave me a cutting from a magazine with 'Book of The Week' called Overcome Panic and Anxiety and it is by Linda Manassee Buell who suffers herself from panic disorder and agoraphobia and apparently it offers 121 simple and practical tips on getting through the problems. I'm going to order this one tonight!

    I do hope some of this helps you.

    All the best to you

    Jannie x x

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    Re: Best Books?

    The two I recommend I sell in the online shop so have a look at those.

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