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Thread: So annoyed

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    So annoyed

    I have agoraphobia plus health issues which are knocking me about at the moment.
    I'm working part time and a comment was made about how I should be working full time and maybe that when I am feeling 'better' then will I be working full time, maybe in a few weeks!
    What irritates me is that agoraphobia is not a condition that can be rid of and over with within a certain amount of time like a cold !
    I have pernicious anemia at the moment until I have my injection for it and I am feeling really yukky at the present time.
    The physical I can deal with and people are more understanding of that but anything to do with mental health and no one except people on here seem to be able to understand. Mentally I am a mess, but take one day at a time, trying to get through, covering up how I feel inside. I am sure lots of us do that.
    Why do people think you can get rid of agoraphobia and mental health problems just like you can a cold or a flu? If only it were that simple!
    Sometimes people have those things for life, don't they and just have to work around them?

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    Re: So annoyed

    that's the trouble with people .they seem to think we are putting our feelings on they have no understanding what its like there so shallow ,but little do they know it can happen to them just s its happened to us ,, you are doing very well indeed don't let others bring you down ,, when your bloods are up you will feel much better

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    Re: So annoyed

    hi poppy
    you are so right in what u say . i too work part time and people around me think i find it easy !!!!!! if only they knew that to get there every day is such a struddle ! i had anx ,agro , and health issues for over 20 years so i am very very good at hideing how i feel . things are really tough with money at the mo an people are hinting that i should get a job with more hours o how i wish i could ! how do you explain to them that as things are i am just about copeing if i push any harder i no i will go backwards and i have been there many times and really do not want to go through it again . it is so hard i feel lazy an so bad that i cant help out any more . i am doing my best it just hard for some people to c this .sorry for the rant .
    all the best to u

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    Re: So annoyed

    Poppy- you nailed it right on the head- You are so right about people reacting to mental issues.
    Sometimes it infuriates me and sometimes when I am low- I believe what they say "you're just acting up", "snap out of it" etc.
    You are a super strong caring person and I am sorry you are feeling that predjudice of co-workers. It is so unfair.
    I think it is fantastic that you're part-time ! You're a hero !
    Lots a Love-BB

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    Re: So annoyed

    I think it's a matter of the green-eyed monster with some people. They can't bear to think that some people can get by with part time hours when they need to work full time!! The difference is that they're getting paid a whole lot more money than you!! Try not to let them bother you. You have enough going on in your life without letting these jealous people bring you down. There's always someone ready to put their tuppence worth in to someone else's life. You don't have to make excuses for yourself - it's absolutely none of their business.
    Myra x

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    Re: So annoyed

    unless a person has experienced anxiety,depression they simply cannot understand.
    they think oh a few weeks of rest and you will be back to new!

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    Re: So annoyed

    Thank you everyone Your replies have helped a lot. Its so nice that at least we can all understand how tough it gets. Big hugs to you all
    I am now much calmer. I got really upset earlier. I am not sure why...maybe frustration at how people with issues such as we all have, get treated sometimes.
    I know its hard for people who have not experienced, anxiety, depression, agarophobia, and all the rest, to understand how difficult it gets, but maybe people should give it some thought.
    I have to put on an act every day, just to get through it all. Sometimes it is so hard when I am having a bad day, but I can't go flipping out at work otherwise I will probably lose my job!
    I can't work full time - I would like to be able to, purely for extra money, but part time is enough for what I can handle at the present time. I don't handle stress and pressure well anymore.
    Thank you again all - Glad we are all here for each other

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