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Thread: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

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    Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    Not sure if this is posted in the correct area!
    New to No More Panic, have found it so helpful and reassuring knowing that im not on my own and other people are feeling similar.

    Have been taking 20mg of Citalopram for 10 days (first time citalopram user) and am still suffering the side effects though maybe slight improvement.

    Been out for a few walks and light garden jobs and have noticed myself becoming easily tired. Any thoughts on this could it be another side effect? Has anyone else experienced this?
    many thanks

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    Re: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    Hi and welcome

    I have moved this to the relevant forum for you

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    Re: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    Hi Stress-bag, when I first started taking cit I became tired out very quickly after any kind of physical activity. This started to wear off after a couple of weeks as my anxiety reduced and I got used to the meds.
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    Re: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    im writing on behalf of stress-bag ( my dad )

    After eating an evening meal, even smallish meals he becomes bloated and panicky, this doesnt happen with breakfast or light lunch. Not linked to cit because started before meds taken. Noticed on other forums this has been also been a problem for other anxiety sufferers. Any thoughts on why this could be happening? now on day 14 cit, does this need more time to settle which in turn might settle his anxiety after tea? Many thanks victoria

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    Re: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    Stressbag. After dinner feeling could be due to the fact that having paniced after dinner before the memory is making this happen again. This would explain why dinner is perceived as a threat and yet breakfast isn't. This is an illness of how we think. Thoughts become feelings instantly when nerves are sensitised . These feelings are very powerful and many here have experienced the symptoms you describe. There is a brilliant book by Dr Claire Weekes;SELF HELP FOR YOUR NERVES published by Thorsens ISBN 0-7225-3155-9.This is available from the NMP shop. Dr Weekes was a physician and scientist. She was a fellow sufferer (nominated for the nobel prize for medicine) and really understood this illness. She took the mystery out of it, and devised a simple programme for recovery. I can't recommend this enough. This will get better.

    Here is a link to her site;

    a hug for you for helping your Dad.


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    Re: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    Thanks so much Veronica,will definitely get hold of this book. I was actually thinking it could be linked to having his first panic attack just after tea a few weeks ago, do you think the more cit you take this feeling will eventually go,once the cit is settled?

    Many thanks again victoria and my dad glyn aka stress bag

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    Re: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    Hi Victoria & Glyn
    Citalopram - We are all different of course and react differently to meds. For me 10mg of citalopram helped by lifting me out of what was mild depression. For the panic I had a low dose of Diazipam to take when needed (tranquilliser so not for long term use) and 30mg of propranolol (Betablocker) for my racing heart. Meds can certainly help in the early stages with panic anxiety. Cognative Behavioural Therapy is useful too.

    Glyn...anyone who has had a panic attack will know that on a scale of 1-10 it is an eleven. Your fight or flight response is being triggered inappropriately because your nerves are sensitised. This is your natural protection from perceived threats and believe it or not, can not harm you. Some people develop phobias at this stage which can be difficult to shift e.g for me, I paniced in the hairdressers and could not go back for several months because just the smell of the place sent me into panic because memory is a powerful thing. It was only by facing and accepting this without adding any extra fear, despite the uncomfortable sensations that the memory will be replaced by a more positive one. Panic feeds on your fear of it.
    You will no doubt feel exhausted and bewildered at the moment. Rest but try not to be too impressed by these sensations. Try to stay in the present and let negative thoughts come and go without analysing them too closely. I found crosswords, and wordsearches good for this...was not a fan before, but they help.Try to get outside for 10mins each day no matter how you feel about. Hang in there anxiety buddy. Dr Weekes will explain everything and this will get better.

    "Never wear anything that panics the cat"
    P. J. O'Rourke

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    Re: Exhaustion linked with panic attacks??

    Hi Veronica,

    Thanks so much for your lovely reply. We have ordered a copy of Dr. Weekes and it should hopefully arrive Monday! Funny you should mention about word searches as my dad completed his first ever word search only a few hours ago before reading your reply!

    My dad and I do think there may be a phobia where tea time is concerned. He is waiting to see a therapist/counseller. Do you think that they could help with this panic/phobia.
    I am sure we have read on this site about others who have experienced similar reactions where food is concerned. Or could this be linked with when he had his first panic attack which was at meal time, just like you in the hairdressers.

    You sound like a lovely caring person and reading your responses has really helped to reassure us both alot.

    Victoria & Glyn x

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