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Thread: Important - dysautonomia awareness

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    Re: Important - dysautonomia awareness

    Hi , just an update after all these years...the symptoms continued and they sent me an autonomic clinic, they put me on a tilt table and found my heat raised from 64 to 121 when they tilted upright, so I've been diagnosed with POTS....postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. So not only does my heart rate go up, my blood pressure drops. Causing shaking anxiety

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    Re: Important - dysautonomia awareness

    I am very interested in the Dysautonomia symptoms you had to make you suspect this condition, also where was the autonomic clinic? I guess I didn't think Dysautonomia was as well known in this country, everyone in the states seems more switched on to it. I have MVP which apparently displays a strong statistical link with Dysautonomia.

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    Re: Important - dysautonomia awareness

    I know this thread is very old but I have all the symptoms and I'm very afraid, does anyone have any more info?
    Thanks x

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