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    i'm broken into a million pieces

    Hi Everyone,

    Well at present i'm feeling shaky and on edge and my breathing is getting shorter and harder.

    For the past month i have been struggling in a relationship. To cut a long stroy short, the relationship has ended and i have been played along and i have just found out that the person i am with is seeing someone else.

    They have told me they still want to be friends with me and have been hugging me and trying to comfort me. I have been crying so hard that i feel sick and not wanting to eat much.

    My ex is at this new persons house tonight and i have been in touch but she told me she wasnt staying over and she is. I cant let go of her though because i cant be alone, like now, i am struggling very badly.

    I guess im thinking that she will come back and be with me, but she blames me for pushing her away. She tells me she loves me and i am her world. How can she hurt me so much?

    This isnt good for my anxiety/panic.. i cant sleep and i am worried.

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    Re: i'm broken into a million pieces

    This is the worst feeling in the world, sorry, I know it is so tough. Regarding your anxiety, research pyroluria and histadellia, not well known causes of extreme anxiety. Histadellia also causes allergies.

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    Re: i'm broken into a million pieces

    My boyfriend did the EXACT same thing to me a few months ago. I know it doesn't feel like much consolation now and everyone seems to be saying it but it really does get better in time. Is extremely hard and luckily for me I wasnt suffering from the panic attacks back then so I know what you're feeling is probably 10 times worse. I have problems being alone lately too and I'd be more than happy to talk in PM's about what you're going through if it would help? People on here have been doing the same for me and it's doing me a world of good. You've come to the right place

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    Re: i'm broken into a million pieces

    Oh Claire,
    I am so going through what you are going through. I was dumped about a week ago because of my illness. My boyfriend couldn't see a future with me with my illness.
    Remember just breathe for the moment, breathe in for 4 and out for 8. These panicky feelings may feel like they will stay like this forever, but they always pass.
    I too have been told I mean the world to my boyfriend, and that he loves me so much, but he doesn't think its going to work between us.
    I know its so difficult because you would do anything to get them back, however the fact that she was with someone else at the same time means that she isn't a person who would be very good for you to be with as whats to stop her doing it again and again?
    It sounds to me you are more upset about being alone. Let me say this - you were a whole person going into the relationship, and a whole person during it, and you are a whole person coming out of it. You don't NEED to be with someone, you just want to.
    Spend some time doing things for yourself, do some things you enjoy that are your own thing. Try helping yourself by doing stuff to help with your panics and you will start to realise you don't need someone to be with you to help you get better or anything.
    If you want to pm me you are so welcome. I too am completely up and down. Having really bad thoughts about the future and stuff.
    Helen x

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