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Thread: Panicky, I heard " gushing" in my head help!!

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    Unhappy Panicky, I heard " gushing" in my head help!!

    I had a very bad night waking up with a pounding heart yuck in the middle of the night, this morning when I woke up I heard a gushing sort of noises that when from my neck to my head , now I'm worried about butts blodd vessels and aneruysm's, I have been feeling befuddled this last week with chest pains and my constant dizzyness which I've had for 2 months comes n goes ugh, my ears started ringing last night, the crackled all the time for a year but the ringing is driving me mad. Had a ct scan a few weeks ago but came back clear would this of picked up anything deadly like a blood clot... Freaking out, I get small squelching noises at the back of my neck/throat going up to the base of
    y head but have had them for yonks so I'm not fazed if I hear them elsewhere in my head but this rushing noises is doing my head in help!!! Thank u

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    Re: Panicky, I heard " gushing" in my head help!!


    You sound as though you might just be very tense and in need of some good relaxation. The fact that you have been checked over is what you should be reminding yourself of. This is your anxiety playing havoc with you and nothing else.

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    Re: Panicky, I heard " gushing" in my head help!!

    Thank you all for the reassurance, that's the first time I have ever heard something like that. Or felt I'm not sure as I was half asleep, I think it's probably just a normal part of waking up and my anxiety exaggerated it ten fold, weird I'm even alert to these things half asleep, just hoping I can get back to normal and not thinking I need another ct scan ugh

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