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Thread: Nasal blood

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    Nasal blood

    For quite a while now i have been getting blood on the tissue when i blow my nose. Its bright red and is not enough to drip like a proper nose bleed. Also when I touch the very back of my nostril with tissue a small amount of blood appears. It doesn't happen all the time and only in one nostril. I've googled (can't help myself) and tumours are the diagnosis. I'm hoping someone has something similar and can help put my mind at ease....PLEASE

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    Re: Nasal blood

    you might have a weakness in the veins at bridge of your nose this would cause it ,,it is very senstive ..part of the face

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    Re: Nasal blood

    Paul I suffer badly from nosebleeds in one nostril, have done for years. I know the cause of mine is a damaged vein which is weak and breaks quite often, don't worry mate 99% of them are nothing at all to worry bout, infact cause
    I know that nosebleeds are very common and can appear at any time and have no serious undertones at all I use them as my "google fear test" and your right google comes up with the worst of the very worst which puts things in perspective for me! Please try not to worry too much and if you can't stop worrying pop to the docs
    for reassurance,

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    Re: Nasal blood

    One side of my nose has been just like yours since I was a teenager and now am approaching 49 yrs old so can only assume its weak blood vessels in that side of nose. If I shove my finger in that side of my nose and touch the inner middle of nose then it comes away everytime with fresh blood and I get frequent weeks where everytime i blow my nose I have streaks of fresh blood on it and bits of dried blood on nose as well ( lovely topic this!)
    As I had a camera shoved up my nose only a few months ago and have my sinuses checked I can assure you its nothing even commented on by ent surgeon - i was expecting him to say something as I told him about the bleeding but he said all was completely normal.
    As with every single symptom there are loads of innocent explanations and the rare nasty one and thats what freaks us everytime.
    If you had a tumour you would have other symptoms as well - I know someone who had sinus cancer and he had badly swollen face on affected side but not a single nosebleed.

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    Re: Nasal blood

    Ive had this lately, only on one side when blowing my nose, it crossed my mind about it being something bad too, that's the health anxiety for you! lol If I shove my finger up one side (because it feels blocked if you know what I mean) I can pull out bloody scab like things! Yukky moto!
    I have enough to worry about at the moment though, so I refuse to question this. I have had it before for long periods & I am still kicking about, so i'm sure it's fine!

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    Re: Nasal blood

    hi i've had this when i was a boy and at 42 still do, so its a weak vessels , i was told its also a safety valve a never got any headaces only nose bleeds, until ha take care steve

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    Re: Nasal blood

    it could also be dry winter air. I get it when the heating has been on a lot in the house.

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    Re: Nasal blood

    I get this once in a while, those veins are very very fragile and sticking tissue up there or your finger and bumping it can cause that to happen, also winter time and dry air, use a bit of Vaseline just inside the nose, don't hold your nose when you sneeze, and when you blow your nose, don't do it the typical way, you're actually supposed to close the opposite nostril with the tissue or a finger pressed against the nose and then gently blow the other one into the tissue then do the same for the other side, not blow both at the same time as that can cause a nose bleed like mentioned in this thread, also invest in a humidifier those things work wonders for keeping the nose moist.
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