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Thread: Question, heart rush?

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    Question, heart rush?

    ok so.. went to the docs today, blood pressure 140/100.. and overall everything is cool. he was gonna give me labs but he saw that i had labs done in nov, dec. and they were perfect. so he fealt no need, listened to my heart and everything fine. so, how come i get these feelings.. how to describe them.. it feels like a sudden rush of air? in my heart it is starling and catches me off guard?.. there is no way this is anxiety.. im completely calm when it happens. arggg so hard to deal with :(

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    Re: Question, heart rush?

    What did your doctor think was causing it?

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    Re: Question, heart rush?

    he says anxiety, but it happends when im doing things like picking something up at work or things like that, or i could just be laying around doing nothing.

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    Re: Question, heart rush?

    Is it actually your heart or could it be coming from your adrenal glands? These are situated near your kidneys

    When you have an adrenaline rush the very next thing that will happen is that your heart will start racing - the two things together might cause the sensation you are feeling.

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