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Thread: emetophobia help me please.....

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    emetophobia help me please.....

    Hi im natalie 22 im new to this site, well i posted a long time ago and now iv had enough....

    this will be long so sorry in advance but its taking over my life.
    i have had a phobia of been sick for a while now, i dont no why it started or what im scared of but its ruling my life. im scared of everything to do with sick, me been sick, others been sick, feeling sick, someone else feeling sick bla bla bla
    its affecting me so much, i dont go places in case im sick, i dont eat alot incase im sick, im wanting to go on hol next year but darent incase im sick on the plane or someone else is and i cant get away, i dont drik hardly incase it makes me sick, i relate EVERYTHING to been sick. i feel sick which make me have panic attacks which make me feel more sick so i panic more. i think about it all the time and i feel i feel sick all the time, i probably dont but....
    if someone feels sick and tells me, i have to leave, i cant be near them incase i catch something, if someones sick i wnt see them for a week to make sure i dont get anything. im someone is sick in my house i cant go near tht place for ages- even the loo! if i have the runs/or someone else, i immediatly think im guna be sick/they will be.
    my partner came tnite and was supposed to be staying but he said he felt sick, he went home and was supposed to be coming bk but i told him not too, he was sick wen he got home but now i wnt be able to be near him incase we catch something, i have to clean everywhere with disinfectant, i was my hands constantly and take hand gel everywhere.
    now hes been sick, im paranoid we will catch it, so im not guna sleep tnite as will be up all nite panicking, he is a great help with me when im like this but hes not here now so wt will i do
    prob sounds stupid but its really taking over everything and its getting me so dwn.
    i went to see someone after my son was born as i couldnt cope anymore, it cost £60 a session which were weekly and it helped me loads, but after a few sessions i started to feel uncomfortable, he told me this would happen as it ment we were getting to the reason of why i felt like this, but i couldnt go anymore and wasted a huge amount of money and back to square one.

    it is affecting my life far too much, i could go on forever about what its doing to me and how its affecting me, i moved house once because i was such a mess

    i dont no what to do now or where to turn, iv tried counselling it didnt help, the therapy helped me but then got too much, please someone tell me this is going to end, im 22 and have a gorgeous son and i have so much to live for but i cant do it anymore

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    Re: emetophobia help me please.....

    Hi I can relate to where you are at the moment. I also hardly eat or drink because of my fear of being sick.
    I'm seeing a hypnotherapist and Ive read that this is often the best treatment for it.
    Ive also started on a new antidepressant today. It was hard to take it as I was worried it would make me sick, but I know I have to try something or Im going to waste away into nothing.
    The only comfort I can offer is that youre not alone there are others on this site in a similar position to you.
    Rebuilding my life one day at a time.

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    Re: emetophobia help me please.....

    strangely, despite the fear of being sick, i still eat enough to remain overweight, :S
    Every day is a new battle, you can either fight on, or put up your hands and admit defeat.

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    Re: emetophobia help me please.....

    Heya, I relate to you completely cos i have tried numerous therapies and it gets to the crucial bit and i usually run out of money and have to stop going but i wonder if its because i also know im getting to the reason for the phobia!
    Anyway hon i dont kno if uve read my posts but im now trying hypnosis again! and im deterrmined to get rid of this coz its ruined my life so much. Please get help again hon try hypnosis again or NLP as they are the 3 best ways to help with emetophobia apparantly! Good luck and remember u are not alone

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    Re: emetophobia help me please.....

    Hi thank you for your replies, its nice to know im not alone in this.

    Well last nite i had bad stomach pains and horrendous nausea, i have caught my partners bug, although i havent actually been sick iv had the runs :$ and feel soo sick. Iv spent the day on the sofa hilst my son has trashed my house lol.

    I have emailed a few people regarding hypnotherapy so hoping someone gets back to me asap and i can start going again and get this sorted- or get on my way to sorting it!

    Hope everyone is well, off to disinfect everywhere now :( xxx

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    Re: emetophobia help me please.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Danath View Post
    strangely, despite the fear of being sick, i still eat enough to remain overweight, :S

    I have a similar problem whereby I overeat (or binge I suppose) on things like chocolate, crisps, biscuits etc, even though I know that it will make me feel sick and panic. It's so bloomin' frustrating, especially as I fall for it every single time, unless it's a day like today and I feel too worried to eat anything.

    And Nat, it isn't stupid or silly, we all share your pain when it comes to how much this phobia affects your life. We know because we've been there, and for most of us we're still there. It is so truly awful, but everyone here will support you whenever you need it. I really hope that things will get a little better for you,
    Rosie x

    (Which therapy did you try? The one that got too intense for you?)

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    Re: emetophobia help me please.....

    Hi. I understand what you're going through. Also I've caught stomach viruses and have managed to not vomit, even before I was terrified of it. Generally if you have diarrhea then you will already have vomited or you will vomit soon after so if you go for a couple of hours having diarrhea without vomiting then you won't vomit. Anyways I hope that the therapy will help you. I too am looking for some kind of therapy.

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