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Thread: Does anyone else write a 'Blog'??

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    Lightbulb Does anyone else write a 'Blog'??

    Since I accepted my panic disorder & started to get help for it I decided to write an online blog - Sounds daft seeing as I have always said that blogging is for weirdos Turns out its a real stress buster. I have been putting down all my 'good' days so that when I have a 'bad' day I can read back & try to take something from it and I has really helped.
    I asked a close friend to read it and he thought it was hysterical - all my little quirks and the way I describe what happens to me and it made me feel really good to think that someone could 'enjoy' what I write and also to help them understand what its like for someone who actually has P.D.
    I wonder if others find a diary / blog helpful and if you find sharing it with other people as thrilling as I have. I did think at first this is too private but then I realised that maybe I need to educate my friends & family by letting them read it so as they know how I am feeling but also know how it feels to have a great day. A great day to them is perhaps finding a 10 on the floor - to me just walking out my door is the best thing that day

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    Re: Does anyone else write a 'Blog'??

    Hi Danni

    Yep, I keep a blog / diary and I also feel it really helps and when I read back I can laugh at some of the worries I had on a certain day. C'mon, when you panic so much you have to get out the bath mid hair wash and check your lottery tickets because your worried you've won the EuroMillions, its laughable!

    It's also a good way to track my recovery - sometimes I just cant see myself getting better and then I have a look back through the pages and realise that I've had some really good patches / days so there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if I can't see it at that precise moment.

    Will keep my diary going, even when I feel 100%, like you said it's a great stress buster.

    Happy blogging!


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