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Thread: odd ecg result

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    odd ecg result

    Hi all
    I had an ecg last week at my doctors sugury because I had been getting nasty palps at night and though the doc said my heart sounded normal they said they would do an ecg to check.

    when I called to get the results from the doctor she said it all looked fine even though there was some rubbish written on it.I asked what she meant and she said that the ecg machine had written something on there but that having looked at it, what is said wasnt correct and it was a flaw with the machine. Of course me being me I had to ask what it had written She said it said it showed an old heart attack but that the machine wasnt able to cope with the amount of reading it takes and the different angles it looks at your heart from so not to take any notice. She said to wait for my cardiology appointment and they might do a 24hr ecg to see if I am getting the palps or just imagining them.

    Im sure she is right but ofcourse its totally on my mind now - has anyone else had thins or does anyone know what the explanation about the machine means??


    I know she is probably right but of course its on my mind now

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    Re: odd ecg result

    I wouldn't worry about it. ECGs aren't the most accurate of tests for these sorts of things unless accompanied by severe chest pain/angina or other physical symptoms. Palpitations are extremely common with anxiety so I'd be inclined to agree with your doctor here.

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    Re: odd ecg result

    Can a normal ECG show if you've had a heart attack in the past then?

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    Re: odd ecg result

    apparently it can yes...though it seems it can also show one that you havent had!!

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