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    Hi everyone, I have been suffering form nocturnal panic attacks and i am pretty much used to having disturbed sleep and insomnia etc. Anyway, last night when i went to bed, I had trouble getting off to sleep and after lightly dozing for a few minutes I awoke to see a huge (tarantula sized) spider walking across the pillow and up the headboard. I jumped back in fear and as i watched it, it floated out towards me then faded and moved upwards until it faded into a blurry light (like you get when you look at a lightbulb for too long).

    I was terrified as firstly i am afraid of spiders, secondly i knew it wasnt real, deep down, as there is no way an actual real tarantula would be in my bedroom! My palpitations were going mad and i ran down to have a warm milk drink, chill out and watch tv for half hour. I went back up and was fine but i slept with the light on!

    I'm scared now that it will happen again and i hope its just an anxiety type problem and not a brain tumour or something. Should i tell my doctor? Has anyone else had anything similar happen? Any advice greatfully recieved!

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    Re: Hallucinations

    Firstly let me tell you that you do not have a brain tumor. I too have experienced this on and off for approx 10 years! It started as 1 spider then as each night passed (yes it was every night), it turned into thousands of little spiders! Then i started seeing shapes, colours and all kinds of things that would come towards me! In the beginning i believed that i was going mad or had a tumor, but was afraid to talk to the doc about it because it seemed so outrageous that i was worried what the doc would say!
    Most people told me i was dreaming but i knew i was wide awake as it always happened just after i started to drift off so i was still highly conscious! Eventually i sat there one morning and prayed to God to make it go away because i was so scared and had noone to really explain what had been happening. You know what happened as of all stopped! I was from there 100% convinced that it is something spiritual that will never be explained.
    Since then years have passed and it has started happening once again on and off, although this time i am not afraid as i have learnt so much in between to know that i am not insane, not sick and not in any danger. It's just one of those things (like seeing ghosts) that will remain one of life's little mysteries.
    I encourage you to google it as i have done. You will be amazed at the amount of people and forums there are discussing this.


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    Re: Hallucinations

    Yep I've had this! Only twice recently though, like Kelley said always as I'm just about to fall asleep. Once was after I watched the hills have eyes and I SAW one of the mutant things standing in my bedroom doorway staring at me. I just stared back and it vanished though haha. Second one was a few nights ago I saw a snake and it jumped out to bite me I imediately sat up and was halfway off the bed and it was gone! It's never really bothered me as a lot of people get it. I used to LOVE the adrenaline rush you got from it before all this anxiety. Especially those ones like the one you dream you're falling and jump awake before you hit the ground. Now I can't stand it lol. xx

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    Re: Hallucinations

    yeah that happens me when waking up sometimes, but the spiders or a fly..... are more like a pencil drawing if that makes any sense, are you on antidepressants?
    apparently seeing things while falling asleep or waking up are perfectly normal

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    Re: Hallucinations

    These manifestions are sometimes common and occur during discrete entry and exit points from the sleep cycle, defined as hypnogogia (prior to sleep) or hypnopompic (exiting the sleep cycle). While these transitions between the sleep cycle are most often known for producing sometimes dramatic and sudden limb movements or jerking motions, they can also produce hallucinations that are quite vivid in some instances.

    The events in the context you've described are most assuredly not associated with the presence of a space-occupying mass such as a tumor.

    The "nocturnal panic attacks" are known as night terrors and are essentially the same as the daytime variant. If you are only experiencing the events during the night, then it is suggested that you speak with your doctor about testing for sleep apnea. The depressed respiration cycle of apnea can produce circumstances which bring the patient to the waking state rather rapidly, wherein they are experiencing symptoms associated with air starvation, confusion, racing thoughts, rapid heart rate or pounding heart, and the oft practice of jumping from the bed to one's feet in the attempt to determine what is taking place. Also know that hypnogogic and hypnopompic events occur more often in persons with poor quality sleep patterns such as those observed in persons suffering from sleep apnea.
    Best regards,

    Rutheford Rane, MD (ret.)
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    Best regards and Good Health

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