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Thread: Breast issue...Dimple? Please help...

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    Breast issue...Dimple? Please help...

    Hi everyone! I am new here and would like to inroduce myself. I am a 34 year old married female from Canada. A little history....I recently had my first baby 4 months ago. I have also had a breast reduction 10 years ago. I am breast feeding my baby and have noticed a dimple in my left breast to the left of my nipple scar. At first I thought it was due to my baby feeding, but I was doing a breast exam and saw it again. However, I only saw it when I would squeeze my breast inward toward the other breast. When I would examine my breasts from all angles, I don't see it. Just when I squeeze them. From what I gather from the internet, a dimple seen on a breast just from looking at them is bad. With mine, you actually have to sqeeze the breast to make it appear. It is not on my right breast. I don't have any pain, and I am not sure that I feel a lump as it most likely is milk ducts that I feel. I am driving myself absolutely crazy with this!!! I don't think it is a clogged milk duct as I am not in any pain. My mom thinks it could be a milk duct that has been removed when I had my surgery. I have an appt with my Dr in a week to get it checked but was wondering if anyone has experienced this?
    Thank you!

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    Re: Breast issue...Dimple? Please help...

    hiya try and relax in the meantime while waiting for the doctors. Im sure they will be able to reassure you. In the meantime try and distract yourself with anything you really enjoy and try your best to not keep looking at the dimple.

    im sure you will be fine. let us know how you get on
    all the best

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