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Thread: MS Worries

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    MS Worries

    Hi Everyone

    Im new to this website & am a little scared of posting a thread but here goes...!

    I am worrying to the point of almost being sick about having MS, around winter time 6 months ago at a time when I was v.anxious I got tingling / pins and needles in my toes on my left foot, I went to the doctor he said it is nothing so I went to a private phsio who gave me a full massage and the pins and needles went away..2 months later I got floaters in my eyes...I went to the hospital who said they could hardly see them and that it was nothing to worry about...

    I have tried to relax and not think about my health but it is such a struggle EVERY SINGLE DAY! I thought I was getting better but recently had a stange numb feeling in my left toe, it only lasted a week and has gone now but I am noticing now that I get 'trapped nerves' everywhere that last just a few little pulses if that makes sense. The last few nights - but not every night - I have woke up with a dead is the side I sleep on and it goes away if I turn over but I just dont know if it is a symptom of MS or anxiety.

    Im so sorry if this adds to other peoples anxieties & i tried to talk myself out of posting something but I dont know what to do!! Not many people know about my health anxiety... I think it all started after I had an ultrasound check up on a lump in my breast 2 years ago it was all fine but it seems to have triggered something inside me, I moved out from home last year & am getting married next year, my sister also suffers from health anxiety and we seem to make each other worse- I dont know if it is all getting on top of me...perhaps it is but I didnt think it was! So confused!

    Sorry if this is all babble, I just dont know where else to express my worries!

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    Re: MS Worries

    I'm 23 years old btw

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    Re: MS Worries

    I've had lots of similar symptoms: numbness, pins and needles, limbs going dead, burning sensations, floaters, slightly blurred vision etc etc. I too was convinced that I had MS. Turns out I don't, as I had two MRI scans and they came back normal.

    My doctor has now put my on anti neurological pain pills to see how it affects me. They are making some difference, but not huge amounts. He thinks it might all be down to a psychological problem, namely my health anxiety. The doctors have been telling me this for 2 years, and yet, I still struggle to believe that they've not missed something. Sometimes I get angry at myself for not believing them, but the symptoms are so strong sometimes, that I really do feel like I am going to die.

    If you are really concerned about it, go see your Dr. How do you get on with your Dr, I think for people with HA it's important to have an understanding Dr.

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    Re: MS Worries

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me...I really appreciate it. I will try to stir up enough courage to see the Dr., I can see he is getting a little fed up of me coming to see him every 3 months!

    I completely relate to what you say about getting angry at yourself, I really beat myself up for thinking this way too, people dont seem to understand that we dont choose to feel like this. I suppose whatever the outcome we just have to accept it & try to be as happy as we can be...I really hope things improve for you :-)

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    Re: MS Worries

    I have a relative who went through tingling and numbness in arms, hands, head and face. He also thought of MS and was referred to a specialists for his peace of mind. It wasnt MS..but was diagnosed anxiety .

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    Re: MS Worries

    Thanks...I am going to book a doctors appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed it will all go ok. I'll post a note to say how I get on

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    Re: MS Worries

    Hi there,

    I have posted before about my MS worries, and also posted since I have felt better so check out my previous posts.

    I think the bottom line is not the pulses, or tingling etc etc, but when we are anxious we are just so self aware. My neuro told me that EVERYONE gets these sensations, but it is us, the anxious, that notice them. MS presents in a more dramatic way...

    Go to the docs tho, just for reassurance xxxxx

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    Re: MS Worries

    MRI's are pretty cheap if you go private. MS isn't something that pops up overnight usually, it's usually something that goes on for a long time. It's always worth having it checked out, cause sadly people do get it! I have had it for 20 years, I don't worry about it, I worry about my palps more

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