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Thread: O.C.D worries.

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    Unhappy O.C.D worries.

    I dont know if this is o.c.d or not, but I always feel like im being watched , it really really worries me, can anyone help me, Im really scared :(

    I hope someone can


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    Re: O.C.D worries.

    whatever it is,it sounds like some form of hypervigillance,an inability to switch off the radar looking for can come from many different experiences.often from a fear of internal thoughts being observed a boy i found it hard to understand that my every personal thought was not heard by everyone in the room.the best idea is to talk to someone,explore the possible can be trauma,it can be OCD,it can be both.OCD has occured through evolution.the more vigillant parents would have offspring that survived more,therefore the genes of overvigillance persevere.OCD is a very natural disorder.take care and i hope this will leave you be to enjoy life,as i said,take care x
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    Re: O.C.D worries.

    Okay, recognize that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is clinically established by obsessive thoughts in which the patient attempts to countermand them through compulsory actions. Mere repetitive thoughts are more often ruminations associated with anxiety. If you were to complain that you had developed the practice of checking, re-checking and double-checking your door locks, twisting the handles and shaking the door a certain number of times to ensure the doors were securely locked, then the combination of thought patterns and subsequent compulsory actions might be considered as obsessive-compulsive in nature.

    Regardless of how the disorder itself is defined, the constant feeling of being watched or stalked is more paranoid in nature and doesn't necessarily rise to the level of pathology if the circumstances may be warranted. In other words, if you are genuinely at risk by environmental conditions that warrant caution, then vigilence to one's surroundings may be appropriate to a certain extent.

    Most of the time, individuals who experience this sensation are in actuality worried about their vulnerability rather than someone merely watching them, for it is the potential consequence of stalking or surveilling young women that produces the apprehension. Feeling unsafe may arise from a variety of origins, from recently losing a partner or spouse, to developing irrational fears that overstate the presence and statistical risk of harm by attack for physical or sexual misconduct.

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