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Thread: I googled... U Can be sick whilst on period!! Huge vomit phobia..

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    Re: I googled... U Can be sick whilst on period!! Huge vomit phobia..

    I also have Emetophobia, I had one really bad period a while back where I thought I was going to be sick but I noticed its from the pain, now I ensure I take enough painkillers to lower the pain and therefore prevent the possibility. I used to be scared of taking these painkillers in case they reacted with my stomach but now I know it's better to do that than the pain causing nausea. I just want to emphasise, it's only the pain not the period that could make you sick.

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    Re: I googled... U Can be sick whilst on period!! Huge vomit phobia..

    Emetophobes tend not to be sick in situations where non-phobic people would be so even if you feel a bit nauseous you probably won't be sick.

    (I'm an emetophobe too btw)

    I remember reading something about on a fact sheet..ah ha here it is:

    "The fact most surprising to non-phobics is that the great majority of emetophobics rarely, if ever, vomit. An emetophobic is a person who has been in car collisions more often than they have vomited. Most phobics can count the number of times they have vomited on the fingers of one hand. Some emetophobics have survived pregnancy and childbirth, appendicitis, and gall bladder operations without as much as a single retch. Even when they did, they typically had only a single episode of vomiting with each illness -- 52 percent say they only vomit once during an illness -- in contrast to many non-phobics who can attest to vomiting repeatedly over the course of an illness. (Only a third of non-phobics vomit only once in a typical illness.)"

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    Re: I googled... U Can be sick whilst on period!! Huge vomit phobia..

    I will on some occasions will get stick to my stomach, while being on my period, like today I started feeling nauseous and I threw up, I am also going through peri menopause and it can cause it as well.
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