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Thread: belivbe in yr self ?? mass span ??

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    Re: belivbe in yr self ?? mass span ??

    I can't get on from work and Di has moved so has no internet access yet but Lisa was soon on the case.

    Laura and Sandy are in the USA so on a different time zone of course.

    We do appreciate you letting us know though so keep reporting those posts and thanks.

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    Re: belivbe in yr self ?? mass span ??

    Thankyou once again in ridding us of this monster. How can they infect the board once again. Using a different email address??

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    Re: belivbe in yr self ?? mass span ??

    It came back again today and was dealt with pretty quickly after it was reported, lots of posts today, pretty much drowned out everyone else's posts when I was looking at the Todays Posts page. Looks like they just registered using a different username, not sure about the email though.

    It was nice to see all those spam posts suddenly vanish
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