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Thread: Crazy heart woke me up last night

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    Crazy heart woke me up last night

    Hi everyone

    I thought I had been doing quite well trying not to stress over all the palps/missed beats/flutters etc. However early this morning I was having a dream and in the dream my heart was beating all over the place, fluttering, fast you name it it was doing it. I ended up waking up to find my heart was doing that anyways it was all over the place. I got real panicky and after moving around it went to normal but scared me so much. I can't stop thinking about it. This started off my churning stomach (anxiety in all its glory - not). I've had all the tests numerous times because I have suffered with palps/ectopic beats for many many years. I have been going through a really anxious time at the minute so I know this does not help.

    I just wanted to share this to see if others have experienced it and also so I don't bottle it up. This site is such a blessing.

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Crazy heart woke me up last night

    Hi Tracey,

    rest assured this is actually a classic symptom. Has happened to me loads over the years.

    The 1st few times are really scary but you will adapt and they will happen less.

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    Re: Crazy heart woke me up last night

    My first bad panic attack was one that woke me up.
    And the heart and breathing thing was the main issue that set me off.
    However, I had no idea it was a panic attack, and totally freaked out, to the point
    where my legs were shaking so badly i couldn't walk and was screaming gibberish at my poor boyfriend at the time, who looked utterly frightened.
    It just happened to me again for a second time just the other night.
    I feel like it's a result of going to sleep unconsciously holding your muscles tense and harboring worry all day long.
    It really is frightening to wake up that way.
    Luckily both times I have had people around to either 1. (the first time) drive me to the hospital or 2. talk me slowly out of it.
    It does subside but it's so scary.
    and i found because I'm half awake when it strikes, my defenses are down and I'm even less able to deal with calming myself down.

    Anyways, you are not alone, is the point i am trying to make, heh

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    Re: Crazy heart woke me up last night

    Thanks guys for your replies, certainly helps to know i'm not alone in this.


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    Re: Crazy heart woke me up last night

    Tracy, that is scary I know. No matter how much we get used to these things there are times when its just so hard to stay calm. I always get that awful churning stomach too.

    Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
    And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
    And how else can it be?
    Kahlil Gibran

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    Re: Crazy heart woke me up last night

    I've had the exact same thing. Dream and all. I worried it means a heartattack all day so scary

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    Re: Crazy heart woke me up last night

    this happens to me alot hun, sometimes i wake up and im sure my heart is beating a 100miles a minute. classic symptom and panic and therapist has been helping me explore why they happen when im so relaxed, ie sleeping and it might be something to do with the fact you have trouble relaxing at all. hope ur ok tho hun. xxx

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    Re: Crazy heart woke me up last night

    Hi, it happened to me too, having a nice normal dream then wake up with a bpm over 100. I went to the docs for hep after struggling for 3 weeks, got signed off work with anxiety and am now seeing a counsellor to help with underlying issues I have. I'm hoping the meds are temporary.
    Many people try meditation, hypnotherapy, walking, deep breathing etc, you will also find your own way to cope I'm sure.

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