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    mouth guard fitted

    hi ,, i just had my mouth gaurd fitted as i grind my teeth ect due to anixety,, but it feels werid and im worride it fall out out and i might choke,, its bringing on more anixety,, what shall i do
    Current meds,
    duloxetine 60mg am/ pm , cut out night time one,, see how it goes,
    seroquel 200mg xr pm ------ weaned down to 150mg-------now 100mg------ 50mg---------NONE-----back on 50mg

    diaizpam 5mg, as needed.

    come on panic attack do your worse,, you can knock me down,, BUT I WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN.

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    Re: mouth guard fitted


    I had one a few years ago, all the way through pregnancy, its was absolutely fine, try not to worry, i used it for about a year, but havent needed it for ages now, I never choked once on it, just think of the relief in the morning when u no longer have that awful pain. You will be fine with it.

    take care lynne x

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    Re: mouth guard fitted

    hi, i had a dental check up last week and got told i need a night guard as although my teeth are healthy and i have good dental hygiene i have been grinding my teeth, the night guard is awful. so far 5 mins is the longest i can bare it being in my mouth with out gagging or getting a panick attack plus it hurts my gums and is making them bleed. I cant see my dentist till 2 weeks time when shes back from holiday as if i see anyone else theres a charge whereas my dentist is free as its an ongoing matter. Is anyone else having problems with a mouth guard is there any other way of dealing with tooth grinding and not having to wear a mouth guard and does a night guard have to be worn forever or is it just a temporary thing that a person wont need after a while??

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    Re: mouth guard fitted

    I've had a dentist made mouth guard and found it wasn't very comfortable even after having it refitted.

    The most comfortable type I have tried is the cheap drop into a cup of boiling water type available from sports shops.


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    Re: mouth guard fitted

    i had a mouthguard for months due to grinding/tmj. my dentist who fitted it sent me to a specialist for a second opinion and he told me to get rid of it - his opinion being these things were kicked off by stress and would resolve themselves. if it makes your gums bleed i think its pretty sensible not to wear it x

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    Re: mouth guard fitted

    I have one of them - it's generally fine most of the time, and doesn't tend to fall out. Even when I was in a relatively stress-free state I still ground my teeth though, which is annoying.

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