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Thread: upper gi endoscopy

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    upper gi endoscopy

    I've got to have an upper GI endoscopy on 24th of this month, The only thing I know about is that the camera goes up through the nose to reach its destination. Im really worried about if it will hurt how I will feel afterwards etc. Have any of you guys had one? Any help or advice?

    I was going to google it but I have found in the past that doing so usually makes me worse

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    Re: upper gi endoscopy

    hi mate iv had this note to it honest just sit there they thread up through nose and have a look down the back why r u haveing this mate

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    Re: upper gi endoscopy

    Hi davey

    I've had several upper GI endoscopies. However, each time, the tube was passed through my mouth into the back of my throat and then into my stomach. I've never heard of the tube being passed via the nose.

    I was given the option of being sedated or a throat spray. I chose sedation. I think it was a small dose of diazepam that I was given. Worked very well and I got through it all. I just had to remain in the endoscopy unit until the effects had worn off, so I had a nice sleep afterwards.

    Please try not to worry too much. I got a lot of support & encouragement from the endoscopy nurses who were great.
    Have patience with all things, but especially yourself...

    You're not a failure if you don't make it. You're a success because you tried.

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    Re: upper gi endoscopy

    Mine was by mouth as well. Stupidly I chose not to have sedation - not a good move! Have the sedation and you'll not know a thing about it. You may have alot of trapped wind afterwards as they blow wind down to make space so they can see stuff. My throat was also slightly sore for a week or so. Generally though nothing to worry about.


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    Re: upper gi endoscopy

    Thanks guys that has actually put my mind at ease a lot, I shall posting after I have had it done lol

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    Re: upper gi endoscopy

    im having this next month but as a past master at having things put down my neck i can tell you youve got nothing to worry about. ihad one years ago but the probes are thinner these days! the nurse should apply a little anaesthetic gel to the tip of the probe as its inserted into one nostril plus they might spray the back of your throat although they dont want to completely deaden the area as they need you to be able to swallow the probe.

    is sounds like youre having manometry of some kind if you think it goes through the nose. endoscopy using the larger camera tends to be by mouth under sedation.

    why are you having it done if you dont mind me asking ? btw-it may be referred to in your patient information leaflet as a Gastroscopy???

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    Re: upper gi endoscopy

    I've had 3 of these, through the mouth, I don't use sedation, I don't see the point, throat spray is better, least you can't feel it,
    I also was spose to have one with the tube up nose and passed into stomach/bowels but I cancelled as found out I had to take an enema, (that clears the bowels) rather not.

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    Re: upper gi endoscopy

    sorry davey i need to correct myself. ive been wittering on thinking you meant manometry.

    right, an upper GI endoscopy is done through the mouth not the nose. ive had both now.

    one under mild sedation 5 years ago
    one only yesterday using throat spray.

    the two experiences couldnt be more different and dont be fooled into thinking sedation is the easier way through this. well i know we are all different but for me sedation was far worse and drawn out than with the spray.

    with sedation i found the whole procedure a bit of a nightmare. it was hard to swallow the scope down, hard to relax while it was down, i was gagging a fair bit during the exam i found it hard to relax my own gag reflex. just not very nice at all. afterwards youre kept on a ward for at least an hour or two and you need someone to collect you. you will have a sore throat.

    now surprisingly with throat spray the exam was a doddle. they spray the back of the throat (nasty aftertaste of the anaesthetic) but very quickly you can feel it start to numb your throat.

    it was over in 5 minutes max. and you are free to go home on your own. before they pass the scope into your mouth you will have to open up and let them fit a small plastic mouthpiece which you can gently bite down on to keep it steady, bnothin to worry about this is simply to act as a guide for the scope.

    the nurses will tell you the worst is over once you have swallowed the tip of the camera down. this takes 1, 2 maybe 3 hard swallows (again this is not great but the nurses do encourage and assure you) and after its passed through you dont really feel them guiding the scope down any further. just keep saying to yourself "now that its in, I will be out of here in less than 3 minutes". its when they pass the tip down right over the area of the throat that triggers that gag reflex that is weird and unpleasant but this lasts for i guess 5 seconds before its passed into the gullet. after that its cool.

    because youre fully conscious its much easier to just concentrate hard on deep breathing and you relax your throat more. i wont lie to you having the scope in place down the throat isnt my idea of fun-its a very unnatural feeling but for the short time its in, its tolerable, uncomfortable but tolerable. and thats another thing i think the exam takes 5 to 10 minutes longer when you have sedation because the nurses are having to cajole you through the gagging as they wont pull the scope out once its down.

    Bottom line is i really do not recommend you have sedation. by the way you cant have both - its one or the other!!

    grin and bear it for the 5 minutes its in and youll be fine mate. close your eyes, just keep that deep breathing going try not to focus on the tube stuck down your throat. try and block out that its even there. go in and try to relax.

    they tell you there and then if the exam was normal or not. i didnt even have the slightest sore throat which they say you might get.

    you can usually eat and drink again with a few hours. the out patients area was full of 70 year olds when i came out so if they can do it we certainly can!!

    let us know how it went.
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