Hello Everyone - I am posting this here because I want to talk to sufferers of religious OCD but I don't exclude anyone who has rituals of a religous nature, believers or not! Or people who have OCD and are religous, about how this affects their OCD or visa versa.

I used to suffer from magical thinking for some years and “Pure O” in fact at one point I was in a mental hospital, because of it – or rather my attempts to control it through drugs and such like. I am pleased to say that I have been free of most of this for a long time although it will sometimes pop up and then I have to rationalise it away (seems to work, maybe because it’s infrequent). I was on medication but then used CBT and hypnosis (which I find powerful in breaking subconscious metaphor and thought patterns) I don’t think my condition was super bad, but I did try to kill myself once or twice.

When I was suffering, I was a teenager, which was a long time ago and OCD was way more unknown then. The other day I was talking to a friend who suggested I should make a documentary about it – that’s what I do for living, though it’s not a lucrative one!

So I am posting with a request to any sufferers with “Scrupulosity”, ‘Magical Thinking’ or other manifestations of religious OCD, to consider taking part in a documentary I want to making about this aspect of OCD. It would involve talking on camera and perhaps going to America for treatment (possibly free of charge). At the moment I just want to talk to anyone (in complete confidence, naturally) who might feel they would be interested.

I will talk to anyone of any religion if they are suffering. I suppose this is my way of trying to get a wider public understanding of this affliction and to show the world that it’s a difficult but manageable condition.

If you want to know more please send me a private message on this site, or contact me by e mail on development@fulcrumtv.com

I thank you all in advance