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Thread: Hot flushes

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    Hot flushes

    For quite a few years I have been getting a feeling of extreme heat like I glow but not pouring with sweat about 5 mins before a bowel movement and I also feel light headed and dizzy as well. The severity of it varies enormously and I generally only get in the mornings as that is when I have up to 3-4 bm's ( normal )

    I have mentioned this to two GPs so far once about 2 yrs ago and again 6 months ago because I had read about carcinoid syndrome which can cause flushing and explosive diarrhea and both Doctors smiled and shook their heads at my health anxiety and told me I would have much more symptoms and all the tests etc I have had over last few years soemthing would have showed up and its just my hyper sensitive nervous system.

    I am finding that it is really worrying me as I hate going out in the mornings because I know I will feel yukky because I will need to have a bm- I am fine from lunctime onwards.

    I know that there is a blood test for carcinoid syndrome but I think its only available through a hospital consultant.

    I am going back to GP ( different and sympathetic to HA) next week and being honest about my worries and am hoping that he can convince me wihtout having to have yet more tests as I just stagger from one lot of tests to another, but just wondered if anyone else feels hot and dizzy before bowel movements???

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    Re: Hot flushes

    I think if you have fibro symptoms that this is all related I have woke up with flushing in my chest before, get that book hun well worth it xx
    janni x

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    Re: Hot flushes

    Hii Countrygirl, I am so relieved to read your post and to know someone else gets hot and dizzy when needing the loo, also sometimes I go dizzy when passing a motion. I just don't feel right unless I "have been". I have had colonoscopies so know there is nothing wrong, I just think it is part of my anxious make up. Please don't stress yourself over this, I think it is just the way we are. Hope this helps

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    Re: Hot flushes

    DDcoo thank you so much for replying- it feels so much better to know that I am not only one feeling like this.

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    Re: Hot flushes

    Hello Contrygirl
    I wanted to private message you to ask you a question but I don't know how yo do it, if you see this can you pm me please. It's re the subject of this post. Thanks

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    Re: Hot flushes

    I have had this! I went through a period of about 4 months of it happening every day to the point I had to lay on the floor for ages after. I was so hot and dizzy I couldn’t get up! I went to my gp and they did lots of bloods and tested my heart but nothing came up!

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