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Thread: Atos Medical Assessment...

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    Atos Medical Assessment...

    I had an Atos Medical Assessment a few weeks ago and now I just got a letter through saying I am fit for work and therefore no longer entitled to Employment and Support Allowance. I want to appeal against this decision because there is still no way I can work at the moment what with my moods and attacks being so volatile. Has anybody else had to appeal this decision before? Were you successful?
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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    Hi there

    I think this previous thread might come in useful?

    Good luck
    We will NEVER surrender comrade, remember always..actions speak louder than words!!

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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    Just to say that I had to appeal against their decision that I was fit for work. It is very hard to get through with mental health problems on the first medical and well known by Citizens Advice Bureau and other agen cies that have to help people appeal.
    I won my appeal easily. I just had to provide some written 'evidence' and have a chat with a different Dr & lawyer. They were very much on my side, so don't worry too much about it. It's such a pain though and I do feel for you. Dang Government!

    Good luck


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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    if you cant work bang that appeal in now
    dont wait do it now i think you have only have 28 days
    when you send the appeal record the letter then thay cant say thay never got it
    good luck god bless
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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    And it seems that things are about to get worse with the new government too. They've said they're going to shake up the whole benefit system

    Anna xx

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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    I hope not too much, Anna :/

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone I'll check out the other thread too. Sent in my appeal today, so just gonna be patient and keep my fingers crossed. I hope they don't throw me into the fire!
    "If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill

    "Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure." - Jane Austen

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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    HI I am new to the forum.
    I am currently waiting for my Tribunal which is now approaching a year . Its sad to say but I used to work for Citizens Advice Bureau and ATOs standards don't seem to have improved.
    My medical was very inacurate and inapprioate comments were made by the Dr at the time. I have complained and despite Atos admitting it was not conducted to standard. I still am waiting on my Tribunal. Sadly the appeal letter seems to go on the medical assesment not anything you have sent. So you have to go to A Tribunal which is very stressful with out health problems.
    Community Legal Advice are dealing with mine but I will still have to face them myself.

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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    I had one of these b****y atos assessments just last months, and the ordeal of it has left my confidence in tatters and my depression worse, and that was with getting through it in one peace, I would have hated to have to go through a appeal and tribunal, though I have had those things in the past. All the very best with the appeal aero21, and hope you can get through it as painlessly as possible. Good luck!!
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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    Thank the tories for that one. MPs dont care about mental health, its almost like because we 'look normal' then we are fine! Utter nonsense! Angers me greatly!
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    Re: Atos Medical Assessment...

    On one of the many internet sites I came across this.

    Apparently, if you want to pass you must ensure that you......

    1. Walk slowly to the exam room
    2. Do not make eye contact
    3. Do not dress smartly
    4. Take a friend
    5. Get your friend to take notes and if possible record the session on a tape recorder
    6. Do not sit in the chair for more than 10 minutes
    7. Complain all the time of feeling nervous and unwell
    8. Regardless of what the doctor asks you, tell your entire story to him/her
    9. Take as long as you want and do not let the doctor end the exam until you are sure that you have explained everything that is wrong with you

    If you allow the doctor to control the exam and throw you out after about 15 minutes.....YOU WILL FAIL

    This is absurd, but they have been told to fail as many as possible and will only ask you general questions and then cut and paste these into their medical report afterwards.

    Follow the above and they are nervous that you will be in a position to bring up this evidence at a tribunal which will then back fire on them.

    I cannot remember what site but I hope the writer will not mind me using this on here.

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