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Thread: change of attitude

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    change of attitude

    i have decided to change my attitude towards health today because anxiety about it is literally ruining my life. Its going to be hard having this new attitude because i see it as a 'risk' but hopefully it will work out!

    has anyone done this i.e. tried really hard to commit to change how has it worked out for you?

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    Re: change of attitude

    This is what i am doing right now as well . CBT sessions have been making me see my irrational thinking and i am becoming more and more aware of it all the time .
    It's not a risk , it is changing your thinking pattern untill it becomes natural . It's hard to get out of the health anxiety but the more you do it the easier it becomes .
    Good luck with it , you have made a really good decision
    Paige x

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    Re: change of attitude

    It seems fairly simple and difficult, but believe me it is not impossible. You want to do, the big guys like you, so that, you start to live with mature wisdom. Secondly, the low point in front of you people feel insulted, try. However, everything will be better, if you have to learn to play smarter.

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