as the above says, i have had a horrible taste on my tongue since last friday, the tip of my tongue feels like its been burnt, and today i can't taste a thing, i've not long had some toast and jam and a glass of orange juice and i can't taste a thing. its really starting to worry me now.
i also have a very nervous stomach at the moment, like constant butterflies and churning, i lost half a stone in 4 days last week cos i had to keep going to the loo.
i went to my doctors the other day and she said that it is all proberly down to stress, and should settle down in a while but its the constant burning on my tongue that is driving my loopy, eeven sometimes feels like my top lip is burning too.
i am quite anxious at the moment, im moving in 2 weeks, and have so much to do and feel like im running out of time, its a big move for me as im moving to a different part of the country, to be with my new partner. im really excited but also hope that my kids settle into new schools ok. so im dealing with alot.
but having to deal with these syptoms also is really not helping, im constantly crying in fraustration cos iv had enough of all the anxiety and just want to be back to normal again.