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Thread: How long does anxiety stay raised for

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    How long does anxiety stay raised for

    Hi and can I just apologise for this, I know I've been pestering you all now for the past few days with citalopram but I am completely new to all of this antidepressant stuff.

    Basically I was fine for the first 2 days with Citalopram, I had slight nausea but that cleared up pretty quick.

    Last night around 10pm my anxiety seemed to kick in again but heavier than I've had it for a while. I feel intense nausea and my stomach is making all sorts of funny noises. My heart is racing and I feel really, really tired.

    I think its anxiety, I'm actually pretty sure it is because its text book to what I've had before, just more intense.

    My question is how long will this last for? because I seem to get conflicting reports from doctors and pharmacists who seem to down play and lie how bad the reactions can be to this stuff.

    Pharmacists said oh yeah it will be about 2 days you will feel a bit bad but then it will go because your body will be used to it.

    Doctor said You will probably have a little bit of on off anxiety for the first week and maybe a slight headache.

    So I'd rather ask you lot, with your REAL experience with the stuff, how long could this anxiety linger for?

    Its been there since 10pm last night and I'm due to take another tablet in about an hour or so.

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    Re: How long does anxiety stay raised for

    Hi Hysteria,
    I understand why you keep asking questions, the anxiety makes you desperate and constantly seeking reassurance so don't worry about asking about this.

    To be honest the reasons they can't give you any definite answers is that it's a bit different for everyone, my own experience was that I had raised anxiety for the first week then it went pretty much from the start of the 2nd week. You may be a bit different so we can't say exactly how long it can take.

    You can always ask your doc for something to help with the anxiety until the Cit starts taking effect. I had some beta blockers that took the edge off and I could take one of those when I needed it instead of on a regular basis. Some take Diazapam, but I'd seriously consider whether you need something that strong and discuss it with your GP.

    Hang in there, most of us taking the Cit find once it starts working it works well, you might wish to read the Citalopram Survival Guide at the top of the forum for some honest advice on what you're going through, we've all gone through that initial stage of wondering if this will work and a lot of us have made it through ok.

    Better days

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    Re: How long does anxiety stay raised for

    How are you feeling now Hysteria? The first time I had taken this medication was about a month ago and it was my first experience with a medication of this kind so I freaked out because my heart was racing uncontrollably, I was sweating, my anxiety was through the roof and I am not usually an anxious person. I didn't take another pill after that for a week, at which point I did some research and found that the hightened anxiety was a side-effect to the medication.

    I was more educated (thanks to this forum!) when I took another dose about 3 weeks ago, and decided that I was going to just deal with whatever comes as I need to get over the initial onslaught of side-effects if I ever expect to gain something positive out of taking these things. 3 weeks later, and the anxiety has calmed down, and the side-effects are fading quickly, with the exception of the lethargy and irratic sleeping patterns. I have had to resort to taking sleeping pills on a few nights, but other than that, I am not taking anything else with the citalopram. I can deal with being a bit tired though if the medication can help me in overcoming the depression. Here's hoping the next 3 weeks is better than the first.

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    Re: How long does anxiety stay raised for

    Having a bit of a bad day today in truth. Was okay earlier but now my anxiety seems to be kicking in again. I can feel my jaw tightening which is quite a weird experience and stuff I guess. I just have to get through it I guess

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    Re: How long does anxiety stay raised for

    therapists once told me that your sympathetic nervous system kicks in after about an hour of anxiety.
    Every day is a new battle, you can either fight on, or put up your hands and admit defeat.

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    Re: How long does anxiety stay raised for


    Firstly dont think you are pestering anyone cos thats what we are all here for. Feel free to post away....we are all the same.

    The anxiety may persist for a couple of weeks or maybe longer until the meds get into your system etc. It is a common side effect for the meds to increase anxiety for a while so it is perfectly normal.

    Try and weather the storm and you will reap the benefits later on.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care.

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