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Thread: Results from 24 Hour ECG

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    Results from 24 Hour ECG

    had doctors yesterday and they said I had 4 irregular heart beats and I only picked up on one. he said that my heart was fine! Now im feeling terrible my heart keeps going all weird! Now im worrying about my heart all over again surely having 4 irregular heart beats are not good :(

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    Re: Results from 24 Hour ECG

    You got the 'all clear' from the doctor, so at least you know its anxiety related. I know it's a scary feeling...the mind is a very powerful thing. Rest're going to be ok.

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    Re: Results from 24 Hour ECG

    I researched the heart and its functions thoroughly (mainly at the library...not google) because i was literally driving myself mad due to missed beats,palpitations etc, irregular beats,skipped beats,palpitations etc are all harmless to the heart unless you have a weak heart which you haven't otherwise the ecg would have found it. The heart is a very powerful muscle and take a bloody lot for it to stop working correctly. An irregular beat is the hearts way of correcting its flow therefore surely a good thing that it does so. I have been 100% better and non panicy about my heart since properly reading up about it.

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    Re: Results from 24 Hour ECG

    I want to say that You have not feel nervous any matter. According to me, You should get advice of the hearts specialist doctor and tell me freely about your issue. I hope that You will get the doctor advice as well as far.

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    Re: Results from 24 Hour ECG

    davey this is a really positive way of dealing with things. suggested this sort of 'therapy' to the psych I was seeing but there doesn't seem to be any sort of support for it. Surely educating people about their fears e.g. how the heart works and why it does certain things, would really help people.

    I have to say leeann I feel much the same. I had a normal ECG last week and was told my heart was fine. They are going to do an echo to show me that it's all in my head that I have something wrong with it, and also a treadmill test. But since he told me I was fine, I have been getting the skipping again. Go figure!

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    Re: Results from 24 Hour ECG

    I know it sounds scary mind is a very powerful thing. I heart and its functions well, mainly in the library because I really do not Google myself missing beats, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, etc. because of the crazy driving was researching beats left, etc. All palpitations Are harmless unless you have a weak heart to heart that you do not have the ECG is not to be found. According to me, your heart to get expert medical advice and I should tell her about the problem independently. I hope you doctor as well as the will go away.

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    Re: Results from 24 Hour ECG

    Irregular beats as your Dr called them will be ectopic beats and they are completely normal and harmless to a normal heart - in fact just two weeks ago a leading cardiologist told me that these beats are classed as a normal heartbeat as they are in the normal variation of whats classed as healthy heartbeat.

    If you heart was not healthy then other things would have shown up on the ecg so because they haven't then you have a normal heartbeat - I can get an ectopic beat every 3-5 beat for days on end but this is also considered a normal heartbeat.

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