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Thread: So scared of dying

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    So scared of dying

    I'm so scared of dying it's ruining my life :(
    I can't stop thinking about it

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    Re: So scared of dying

    deep down everyone is: but we musnt dwell on it not good ,,, sounds like yuou have a phobia about it,have you had a word with your gp,, maybe he could recommend meds or therpy,,,not good do dwell but you find a lot of us with anxiety worry about it
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    Re: So scared of dying

    It goes beyond being able to switch off from it to just being my dominant thought..
    I try to escape it but it never goes away I have been like this for years.
    I don't want to spend my life worrying about the mechanics of the body and what could go wrong but it wont go away??
    Even when i'm out i'm thinking of these depressing scenarios :(

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    Re: So scared of dying

    you needto talk about this ,there must be a root cause

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