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Thread: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

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    1 COFFEE = anxiety

    Hi guys just a quicky
    2nd week in with cit felt good my old self today
    my question is after 1 coffee early today my face was hot and tingling and io felt some anxiety feelings for a while....why ????

    thanks Greg

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    Re: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

    Hi GREG ..its the effect of caffeine .Alot of people find coffee a trigger for anxiety also tea .Get some decaff ,and you will not have that happen again . Have a good day ..luv Sue x

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    Re: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

    thanks darling...xx

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    Re: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

    i found that tea and coffee do this to me to so now only drink decaf coffee and tea, it works xx

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    Re: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

    I'm all about the decaff. If you find decaff coffee too bitter you can try a decaff soya milk latte, this hides the bitter flavour so then your drink tastes mostly of soya milk (good unless you hate soya milk)! Works for me anyway

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    Re: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

    If I drinnk coffee I will have an attack, it makes me very hyper. I havnt had coffe for as long as I have GAD
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    Re: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

    I only drink Decaffinated Tea these days. Helps loads, and actually tastes better :-)

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    Re: 1 COFFEE = anxiety

    well thanks guys i havent had coffie or tea for a few days now because of what happend and my doc said its rare and when the side effects go i should be able to drink coffie again no prob,but im now not missing it now and am very happy to drink decaf if i realy want one,,,funny how things work,,,

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