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Thread: IBS and bowel issues

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    Red face IBS and bowel issues

    Does anybody here suffer bowel issues? I feel I'm getting worse and I'll be forever glued to a toilet. Sometimes i'm stuck on the toilet for 30 mins and struggling and always feel incomplete. I'm worse when I've had a job interview or more lately driving tests. I also get bad breathe..

    Is it normal to feel glued to the toilet?

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    Re: IBS and bowel issues

    With IBS it is very common to feel incomplete. It's very annoying - I know. Nearly every time I go! Bowel movements can vary between loose and stuck. Lots of people with anxiety and other emotional problems are effected with IBS. Events can certainly make it worse too - even just something small can trigger an episode.

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    Re: IBS and bowel issues

    I'm the same. Firstly, try cutting out foods, avoid too much White bread, try wholemeal, a avoid caffeine from tea coffee and coke etc... These 2 instantly made life so much better, I slip occasionally and notice it the next day.

    My dream remedy is peppermint tea, eases the bloating and pain a lot, however be cautious, don't have it too strong as it can cause stomach acid if you ever suffer from that.

    Also chuck the odd bit of pro-biotic yogurt such as actimel as it helps the gut keep a healthy balance. Your GP could advise you on diet plans if your not up to date on what you can and cant eat... Or what should be avoided.

    Good luck!

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    Re: IBS and bowel issues

    I do as well (and did even long before I had GAD). The worst is going from extreme constipation to extreme diarrhea. When I'm having a particularly bad bout I try to watch what I eat, get a good amount of fiber and exercise, and take my anxiety meds (which seems to help).
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    Re: IBS and bowel issues

    i find that i move from being very constipated to having very bad diarrhoea. really annoying because my stomach NEVER feels normal!!

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    Re: IBS and bowel issues

    try eating natural unsweetened live bacteria yogurt from the supermarket, that will sort out the levels of bacteria in your gut. Increasing the fibre in your diet would also help.

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    Re: IBS and bowel issues

    There is a brill website called
    Its well worth taking a look.
    Im addicted to milk and drink anything up 4 litres a day.
    I have been feeling really bloated and suffering with tummy pains.
    I now realise that this could be caused by the milk.
    Im also addicted to cheese.
    Dairy products arent always good for you.
    Take care
    LYNN xx

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