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Thread: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

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    Thumbs down Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    Just wondered if anybody here has suffered this awful feeling and symptom long term? I feel it really has a control over me when I go out feel:

    *Worry I will get lost, lose my way, not find my way home, go mad.
    *Do something rash or crazy.
    *Nothing around me seems real..everything seems tense in my head, light seems dull and so on.
    *At worst the feelings can be so intense I can barely think.

    It has been worse in previous weeks but I still fear going out. I work in a shop in a mall and I sometimes don't even go outside due to sunlight and I feel safe inside my safe places are:

    *At home.

    At it's worst my memory goes weird and I sit indoors spending alot of time worrying about it. Only relaxing method that helps is music at the moment but it's a suffocating symptom makes me depressed, feel I can't cope with life, feel it so overwhelming, any enjoyment goes, I feel emotionally numb sometimes with it.

    I can't eliminate the fear maybe that's why it won't go? I've had it intense since about May as I have been suffering stress...I even worried it was not DP and kept worrying about my health. I have a fear of travelling alone, going long distance places, don't feel my usual I say the symptoms above are so unpleasant I rather sit at home alot..

    Anybody relate to this?

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    Yes, I am having constant depersonalization/derealization. The feeling you describe I have as well. I am able to go out, I just cannot handle large crowds or big open spaces. However, I still feel this way at home as well. I feel as though my memory is shot and I feel detached from everyone I know. I am trying to occupy myself with new hobbies to see if this helps. I feel for you, because I think this has to be one of the worst side effects of anxiety and depression. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    Hi Phil, mya,

    I can have depersonalisation and derealisation for very prolonged time.

    In my first year i think i have in in a constant state like that for around 6 months with the brief spells of light. I remember I was actually repeating it loud and to the doctors - "There is something seriously wrong with me - what is it, can you not see it?"

    Now when i know what it is - its still very scary and weird but it lasts couple of weeks maximum, as I just cannot be bothered to react to this weardness later on.

    But all the symptoms you have mentioned I have and also more physical symptoms on top.

    Hope it helps...
    Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is mystery, and today is a real gift, thats why it is called PRESENT

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    I have had symptoms lately like:

    *Feeling very apart and away from my thoughts, very distant from what I am thinking (sometimes feel I'm here but my mind is on another planet).

    *I can lie in bed feeling very foreign and it just seems weird.

    Sometimes I get a rush and lights go weird is that derealization? and is a constant state of weird feeling depersonalization?

    Is this really anxiety? This is my main symptom and I've so many other physical symptoms at the moment they switch daily. I have had like one or two days feeling relaxed and me in the last few months most days I wake up feeling "this"...

    Any tips? I feel this will never go away?

    Also is there any ways to neutralise these thoughts to make them less scary? Like I worry my mind will float away and I'll go mad?

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    Are you still on cipralex Thumbalina? if so is it helping?

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    Yep this is all the dark, twisted world of depersonalisation/derealisation. This is interesting because the thought patterns you mention are common with depersonalisation, mainly: going mad,scared you will lose control, fearing losing your mind or being trapped in a place where the depersonalisation will take over and you will lose control. Fear not! These are all fears which come out of this symptom and these will all pass. I have this feeling all the time whenever I walk around now and particularly in the kitchen, I think because its bright and busy in there. It will disappear with your anxiety. Remember that you are always in control and you are not going mad, because anxious people never go mad. Its a fact. Different brains. Try to ignore it, or tell your new buddy depersonalisation to come back at a suitable time of day when you can deal with it. Best of luck.

    'AV A

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    I am suffering these terrible feelings at the moment. I am still working full time etc and have to drive for an hour each way to get there . I feel like i'm just watching in and monitoring what i'm doing and i feel drugged up and as if i'm in a dream and i'll wake up any minute. Its so scary. I've had it for about a week now (this time around). I"m hoping I can lose my fear shortly so it will go (fingers crossed)

    Good Luck everyone and I hope we all feel better soon

    Luv Tracy

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety

    Had depersonalisation for around 10 years, at first it only lasted a day then a few days then a week etc. Now i have just come through a 6 week period of constant dp. Although i have read books and everything on here that says it's a harmless offshoot of anxiety sometimes it's really difficult to stop it getting the better of me.

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    Re: Suffering prolonged depersonalization with anxiety


    Since my anxiety came back bad a few weeks ago i have got this back with it. Im trying to ignore it and carry on because i no its likely to go away quicker. Very hard to do this though as its such as horrible symtpom

    mandie x

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