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    Coughing - strained stomach?

    Hi there

    Has anybody ever really hurt themselves from coughing??

    I had a really terrible cough last week, non-stop coughing bouts, and I remember that my chest was so sore from all the coughing. After a couple of days of bad coughing, I was just standing up and felt a pain really low down on my left abdomen/groin. I suppose that it is maybe a stomach strain from all of the coughing and it will just take time to go.

    It is not interferring with my sleep, keeping me awake etc. I feel it if I start to move around, turn over in bed, all movement related things.

    Still got a bit of a cough, a little dizzy and my ears seem to be a little strange at times, but I think that is all from the cold I still seem to have.

    I don't think it is a Hernia, I cannot feel a lump or anything. After a couple of days of forceful coughing, it just started, so it must be related to that.

    If I have strained a stomach muscle how long will it take to go?

    Thanks all


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    Re: Coughing - strained stomach?

    Hi Mooky, it depends on how strong your muscles are really but it will recover with a bit of time. My daughter pulled the muscles in her back coughing last year and that was painful but they recovered with time.

    Anna xx

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    Re: Coughing - strained stomach?

    Yes I often do things well couging or sneezing. My friend sneezed her back out of place once, abit like above's daughter! Coughing tends to involve the whole body so pulled muscles will happen. Do not worry xxx

    'AV A

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    Re: Coughing - strained stomach?

    Thanks for putting my mind at rest, you two! Yes, it must be with coughing. I know some people have broken ribs etc from coughing, and my cough was absolutely vile - like a bark really!! Sometimes the pain feels like something is being twisted or pinched, low down on the front left. I suppose it will settle down soon!


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    Re: Coughing - strained stomach?

    Muscle groups can frequently become strained during particularly excessive bouts of coughing and spasms are not uncommon. The diaphragm itself can become strained and pain is often encountered beneath the lower costal border of the rib cage, particularly noted during inhaling or exhaling. Auxillary muscle groups over the abdomen, at the rib cage, as well as the sides and back can additionally become affected.

    A hernia can rarely be produced but most commonly only found where predisposition to herniation is present, ie past medical history. I doubt that it's the case here and self-resolution of the discomfort of muscle strain typically occurs within several days.

    If you are still experiencing difficulty with a non-productive cough, then the use of an expectorant cough syrup will often relieve the problem. If you continue to experience symptoms of a cough for more than 2 weeks, then it's always advisable to seek evaluation by your primary care physician.

    Best regards,

    Rutheford Rane, MD (ret.)
    Best regards and Good Health

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    Re: Coughing - strained stomach?

    I cracked some ribs from coughing once - very painful so I sympathise with you

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    Re: Coughing - strained stomach?

    What great replies. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply and put someone's mind at rest. This is a fabulous website

    Thanks again

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