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    IBS Symptoms - Can you please help?

    Would like to know about what type of symptoms other IBS suffers experience? For the last couple of weeks I've had:

    Aching in lower back
    Pains in tops of legs & hips
    Grumbling tummy
    Feeling like I need to wee more frequently

    I have been to see GP this week as anxious & convinced I have something terrible wrong with me. He has given me a pelvic exam, which was clear & is going to send me for a ultrascan but only to put my mind at rest. Am taking peppermint oil capules which help the bloating, he gave me Spasmonal to take but it gave me headaches after taking twice.

    Any help would be appreciated xx

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    Re: IBS Symptoms - Can you please help?

    Have you looked at the section on IBS under Health Worries?

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