Wow, these posts could have been written by me! I have had a pressure headache everyday since 17th July! and feel sick and dizzy some days too. Prescribed strong painkillers, but they made me sick. I have always suffered from what I call 'fuzzy' heads for years but they've never gone on this long, day in day out. Spent almost 2 weeks in bed apart from going to see GP. Have had blood tests, balance tests etc etc. 2 different GP's have both tried to reassure me that there is nothing 'sinister' going on in my head but of course I think there is. Both have said they are a sypmtom of my general anxiety. I am so worried about it, very tearful and generally not coping well at all. I know that my anxiety is probably making them worse but it's all so depressing. I have been referred for a CT scan, which should make me feel better but now I'm worrying about that.

I am going to try and go back to work tomorrow in an attempt to get back to normal and reading these posts has at least made me feel that I'm not alone!

I have also been prescribed Amitriptyline which, as well as being an anti depressant, is good for pain but have resisted taking it as it can have an effect on the heart and I already suffer from palpitations and dont want to make them worse - if it's not one thing it's another!