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Thread: just a quick question..

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    just a quick question..

    I stopped taking the birth control pill 3 months ago, do you think this could of triggered my panic attacks because of my hormones?
    and also can prozac stop you getting pregnant?

    Probley not the right place to write this but im not sure where to put it. lol

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    Re: just a quick question..

    Prozac will NOT stop you getting pregnant.

    The last thing you want to be is depressed AND pregnant.

    how come you stopped taking your birth control pills?

    and yes I think it can have some affect, I have one of those implants in your arm and I feel my moods are more even.

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    Re: just a quick question..

    I stopped to try for a baby, but do think it may off had something to do with the start of panic attacks again.
    atleast i can put my mind at rest on that one then, i can still have a baby, seems like ive been trying for ages. i surpose it will just take time and im 37! so not so young anymore.
    thank you for answering. xxxx

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    Re: just a quick question..

    hi sharon....maybe speak with your gp about stopping possibly might of triggered them.
    37! thats not old my love xxxx we are as young as we feel xxxxx
    speak soon xxxx

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    Re: just a quick question..

    I think stopping the birth control triggered them, it was the one you take everyday so didnt have a period so hormones and pmt started all this i thing.
    I dont feel 37 i feel like im 20 most of the time. xxxxxx

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