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Thread: Collarbone lymph node

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    Collarbone lymph node

    Just wondering if anyone else can feel their collarbone lymph node?
    I have always had them in my neck and have never really felt for them anywhere else! So I was pretty freaked out when I felt ones in my collarbone!
    I googled it and am now panicking about cancer!
    They aren't swollen! They're small but it's still freaking me out xxx

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    Re: Collarbone lymph node

    Hey I went through this. Apparently collar bone ones are not where you think!! Dont please read the internet and try to feel where different lymoph nodes are and whjat thay could mean becuase you WILL get it wrong everyone does that isnt medically trained with experience too.

    There are cervical or neck lymph nodes way down into the colalrbone area and you really cant feel them yourself properly.

    Stop touching!! They are fine and your dr has felt all he'she needs too!!

    Your okay dear!!


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