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Thread: So upset - got sent for blood test.

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    So upset - got sent for blood test.

    I went to the doctors this morning because I wanted some piece of mind about Lymph nodes.

    I have had a lymph node on my neck for 15 years, ever since i was 5.
    I got checked out when i was younger and my old doctor said it was fine so naturally, I have never been worried about that gland. Its just there.

    Lately I have become paranoid about lymphoma and cancers and was feeling for nodes in my neck. i noticed i could feel some and panicked so went to my new doctor. He felt all around my neck and didnt seem concerned. The only one he was looking at more was the one i have had forever - which hasn't changed one bit.
    He isn't a very sympathetic doctor and just said i should get a blood test done as I was meant to go for one the other week at my own request (i chickened out!)

    He didn't seem worried but didnt give me any piece of mind. He just started going on about panic and how i need to "help myself and quit panic attacks."
    He made me feel worse and i am now convinced my bloods are going to come back saying i have cancer.

    i'm so scared.=(

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    Re: So upset - got sent for blood test.

    Dont be scared luv. He is just not feeding or pandering to your anxiety cycle thats all. The blood tests are because he wants to be sure there is nothing before he then tells you 'stop worrying for nothing!!' Its not that he is worried just that its a bit stupid to say something is okay for sure when there are tests available that proove that 100%.

    Its just that with HA we read doom in everything our dr says and does, its so hard for us to behave like those withouth HA do when they see their Dr. The way I see it is when I was little i didnt worry about going to the drs, i just went when my mum took me and didnt really care at all. Thats the way we need to be!!

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    Re: So upset - got sent for blood test.

    My 15 yr old has had some in his neck for years now. Not as long as yours. A couple more popped up later down the line under his jaw & behind his ear. You cant see them to look at, just feel them, like peas!
    But I took him to the docs about it a couple of years ago & they wanted to do blood tests too. I was panicking inside big time, as you do, it's natural!
    But they came back all clear.
    Some people are just lumpy bumpy people!
    You would certainly know about it by now if it was something serious. I am certain the results will be nothing to declare so to speak.
    The doc just told my son to leave them be. I do wish he woudn't fiddle with them though!
    My dog (I know they're different but hey ho) has lumps springing up all over her! But the vet isn't worried & suggested a wait n see thing. But we are 3 yrs on now, & she's none worse for wear & still going strong bless her!
    Some people, & animals come to that, are lumpy bumpy people/animals xxx

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    Re: So upset - got sent for blood test.

    lumps in the neck can also be your tyroid gland, whitch can cause us to have anxiety ,.it can swell, dont worry i am sure your doctor is just doing the bloods to put your mind at ease xx

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    Re: So upset - got sent for blood test.

    Hi there,

    I dont know if it will help, but I have a lump on the back of my neck. I went to see the doc once and he told me my lymph nodes felt sloughy...sent me for bloods> I was convinced it was lymphoma. Actually it turned out to be glandular fever.

    Fast forward ten years and that lump is still there. I now have blocked salivatery glands instead.

    Try to think of it like this, at least the bloods might show either way and you wont be in limbo any more x

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