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Thread: Lyrica and working (worried)

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    Lyrica and working (worried)

    Hi there

    I am new to this site (so glad I found it) and forum and have started taking Lyrica today. I already feel a bit spaced out. My Psychiatrist has prescribed me 75mg twice a day for a week and then 150mg twice a day afterwards. I am worried about taking it when I go to work tomorrow morning as I have read that it can make you dizzy and a bit spaced out. I am taking it for anxiety and panic attacks and am already on escitlopram (20mg) for clinical depression and Felodipine for Blood Pressure and sleeping medication. Also told that I had globus as well due to the closing up of my throat and not being ale to breath and that cause me to panic.

    I am scared that I will be spaced out at work (I don't want to take an time off as I had a year off due to depression and have only been back at work 6 months). Sorry to waffle.

    I was wondering how bad it affects you in the morning ?

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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)

    It did have its funny moments for nearly 6 weeks, I would feel spaced out and slightly euphoric, my workmates noticed that I became very chatty!
    This was definately alleviated by making sure I'd eaten.
    Even a few weeks later I'd feel when it had kicked in cos I'd get this kind of 'whoooaahhh' feeling!

    But, its definately better than not being on them! Have a word with your supervisor and just let them know the possible side effects and what you could do when they do make you feel a bit off.

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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)


    I started on 50mg once a day for a week before going up to 100mg then eventually 150mg daily...I didn't feel dizzy but did feel spaced out etc and still do occasionally but it is copeable. As you will be taking a higher dose to start with you might experience some so perhaps you could start on a lower dose and gradually build it up??

    Hope it helps is helping me....let us know how you get on.

    By the way I too was really scared at first as I had had 5 months off work and having only been back 5 months too was worried cos I didnt want to be off again!!

    Take care

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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)

    Thanks so much. I will let you know how it goes :O)

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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)

    As bel said, one of the best ways i have found to reduce the side effects is to eat before taking your dose. The side effects can actually be quite pleasant and if your anything like me will actually start to look forward to taking it.

    If you managed to get your self on to Citalipram then you should have no problems with lyrica

    Take it easy


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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)

    Hi there,
    Just to update you. Yesterday I went down and got myself some toast at work and then had my tablet. I felt quite spaced out until about 4pm and then I had my other tablet at 7pm and didn't feel as spaced out just tired. I am going to see how these tablets go as I was late for work this morning (only by 10 minutes) due to the fact that I had slept in ha ha. I really appreciate all of your advice. Another quick question I have read that it can make you put on weight. I was on mirtazapine for a while a couple of years ago and I put on a stone in 4 weeks. Any advice for limiting to weight gain apart from healthy eating of course. :O)

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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)


    Just another update. The eating something before I take the tablet really works and my GP advised me to stay on the lower dosage of medication for the time being and to increase if necessary.
    Thanks for the great advice it is a real help.


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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)

    So glad to hear its going well Chez! And long may it continue

    How to control the weight thing? No clue, I've put on a good stone and it aint shifting yet, but thats probably because I cant do any exercise yet.............oh and the enormous amount of chocolate I eat!

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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)

    Hi Bel!!

    That really made me laugh...not fair is it the blooming weight thing...I am the same, I start off trying to be good then it all goes out of the window...I guess it cant be that important to me really....I just enjoy my food too much!! LOl!!


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    Re: Lyrica and working (worried)


    Yes, you seem to be a spammer. Why?

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