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Thread: can zispin help

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    can zispin help

    Hi guys
    things are still the same, but doc put me on zispin got to have one everynight working up to 2 tabs, but they are making me dopey and tired, so this has lowered my mood alot, ive been on a couple of AWOLs. do they really take the pain away.
    im not aloud to keep them doc gave them to lea to give me. wish they would start working soon nearly had a fight with customer to day had to walk out for a few mins. plus steve is still nasty to me, sat down the other night in tears and tried to work out how i could live if i left him, the answer is i couldnt my wages wouldnt do anything, if i could take my dogs i want to move to florida as it is cheap over there. im not even allowed the cash card. cars running on fumes at the min.
    people said this depression would go as soon as the money was sorted, but it aint. its only cos lea is here that i havent done something stupid its been in my mind and ive come close, but she keeps me going. dont know why cos i dont think im worth it. and havent go much of a life.
    soz just wanted to post it helps my feelings even if no ones there.

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    I am on these and they help. I have 3 a night.

    Stick with it for a while and see how u get on.

    Tatty B xx

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    Whoa babe you will be better the tabs have got to have time to kick in but whn they do you should see the benefit. As for moving to Florida if you can do it do it. I have learned that its time for us to be more positive and to make a stand now and again yes and at times be selfish. As for the depression it will go, theres no need to do anything silly at all, you say your useless, I dont believe that at all, I am replying to you arent I, if you were useless i wouldnt reply. Hope it starts to get better soon


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    Hey Cheeky Monkey,

    I have been taking Zispin for about a year and a half now and it's best to take them just before you go to sleep at night, then the drowsiness and tiredness won't affect your working day and they will in fact help you get to sleep. These tablets suit me down to the ground and they really are making me become myself again. I have my bad days when I need to add a Diazepam to my daily routine, but I try to work through my problems one day at a time and I really do feel that I am getting better. So stick with the tablets, they do take a while to kick in, but persevere. You will get better.

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