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Thread: For anyone pregnant and suffering anxiety

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    Re: For anyone pregnant and suffering anxiety

    Hi everybody!! I wish this thread had been here when I was pregnant last year!! It really would have helped me!

    I just wanted to let you all know that you can do this!!! Stress and anxiety will not harm your baby! As a matter of fact, my baby boy (who is now 7 months old) is very smart and very laid back! Out of my 3 children, he has been the least demanding and the happiest! I did not suffer from anxiety with my first 2 girls and they were rather crabby, lol!!

    I worried about problems with my heart too. Every time I went into the doctor's office, my blood pressure was high. But my doctor knew that I was panicking and was very good with me - he blew it off like it was no big deal. I had a c-section (my 3rd one) and it went very smoothly. I did end up with some post partum hypertension (probably due to my age - 32 - and the fact that this was my 3rd surgery), but 2 weeks of a low dose of BP meds cleared it up. I freaked when I found out about the BP problem, but I made it through and my BP returned to normal.

    Getting through this means you have to trust your doctor!! If I could do it with horrific anxiety and panic attacks, then you can too! I have a beautiful baby boy! Even though it was an unplanned pregnancy, I wouldn't change a thing about it because then I wouldn't have my little man! Good luck ladies!!

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    Re: For anyone pregnant and suffering anxiety

    Hi All,

    I was so pleased to stumble across this forum and thread after googling how I was feeling.

    I am currently 27 years old and have suffered on and off with Anxiety and Panic Attacks for 10 years. I have had some major highs and lows, from feeling like I could no longer cope and going onto Sertraline, to coping with only Hypnotherapy and relaxation methods. About 6 months ago, I started to wean myself off my Sertraline (under doctors supervision) and finally felt like I was getting my life back under control and I was going to be in the driver's seat.

    I have recently found out I am 6 weeks pregnant and, once the initial excitement and happiness passed (myself and my husband had been trying) I soon realised that I was scared, anxious and didn't know if I was going to be able to do this.

    It has led me straight back to the anxiety and panic attacks, and now that I am not medicated, I feel they are worse than ever!! I am taking panic attacks driving to and from work, I am taking them sitting at my desk at work, and I am at the stage where I feel like I cant possibly go 9 months feeling this way!

    On one hand, I geel like I would be best to go back on some form of medication to make myself feel more like myself, but on the other hand I am worried/nervous about any effects that may have on the baby....

    I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to discuss this, but it feels good to even know from reading this thread that I am not the only one!

    Em xxx

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    Re: For anyone pregnant and suffering anxiety

    Glad I found this thread. I'm 39 and been trying for a baby for 7 years. Thus is thurd round of IVF. My first round resulted in miscarriage.

    Ive suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for 20 years. My panic attacks are focussed mainly around meetings at work. Also get them on trains, busy shops and at night just before i drop off.

    I have come off lorazepam cold turkey and my anxiety is the worst its ever been. I'm barely sleeping. Doc has prescribed me sertraline but I'm too scared to take them. I'm so petrified of having a miscarriage.

    I really need to know if anxiety and panic attacks can cause a miscarriage as ill never forgive myself.

    Im 12 weeks on Thursday btw and the anxiety about the 12 week scan is building pretty significantly.

    I feel like I have no quality of life at the moment. I'm worrying 24/7 and just cannot relax.

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