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Thread: 24 Hour Heart Monitor Attached Today!

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    24 Hour Heart Monitor Attached Today!

    Hi guys! Not on here much due to being in recovery but still like to pop up now and again to help others etc. However I had my appointment with the cardiology nurse today to get my 24 Hour Heart Monitor attached. I just wanted to know has anyone else had one and how did you get on?

    Since my anxiety recovery i dont get panic attacks anymore but i must admit i felt a little anxious before i went in. But i remember how bad i used to be and i would of probably had at least 10 panic attacks today just KNOWING i had to have a heart monitor LOL.

    Basically my symptoms are palpitations (feeling of double and skipping beats), dizziness with palpitation, and central chest ache on and off. My mum has a heart murmur and my great grandmother had heart problems from birth, so i think thats why i might be more concerned than i should be. Im just glad the doctors are now taking me seriously. They never used to listen and would just say 'its all anxiety' but now im in recovery from anxiety (and they have proof from all my therapists and counsellors) they seem to be listening Im hoping it is all just stress (money difficulties and being a lone parent) but i just want that peace of mind i suppose

    Its annoying as since ive had this thing on, ive not a SINGLE palpitation!! GRRR!! Stupidly i actually WANT one lol....i want to prove i get them lol!!

    crazyhayz xx
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    Re: 24 Hour Heart Monitor Attached Today!

    YEAH had one years ago and after 24 hrs you go back, they download the info and send you off, telling you that your okay They actually told me to have palpatations just so they could check but dang I couldnt......still it all worked out well but every time I went near a fruit machine I won....that parts a joke

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    Re: 24 Hour Heart Monitor Attached Today!

    I've had two monitors. The first showed a few ectopics. The second, which I might add I felt as though I'd hardly any, showed 6000 missed beats. This proved to me that your heart can go through all sorts and still be strong. Anxiety is such a powerful thing, but when it really comes down to it then no matter how strong the symptoms then they are still harmless. Even though members of your family have have heart symptoms it doesn't mean that you will have. It's a great test to have and please try not to worry.

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    Re: 24 Hour Heart Monitor Attached Today!

    Yep i've had about 5 monitors over the last several years. I've ranged from them picking up 160 missed beats etc to one where they recorded over 5000. I always hope my heart does as many funny beats as it can so at least they can see what I mean when I tell them what it does. It is a great test and i'm sure everything will come out fine for you. Try not to worry.

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